OP-ED: The Democratic Party Has Left Mainstream Society

By Sue Ianni

It’s time for Independents and Democrats, even those who don’t like President Trump as a person, to consider voting Red. Our Civil Society is under attack. The Democrats are working to divide and dismantle the Republic, transforming it from a Land of Laws, which protects each citizen, to a free-for-all for anarchists and bullies.

The majority of Independents and traditional Democrats are decent, law-abiding Americans. They do not approve of the violence encouraged by Congressional Democrats, or of their trashing of the Bill of Rights. They didn’t vote for leaders to obstruct the functions of government or to “Resist” basic Civil Rights, like Due Process. Such actions are far more serious crimes than Trump’s occasional, politically incorrect wisecracks.

In 1962, President Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” They also left JFK. The Democrats keep JFK’s portraits on display, yet they never quote him. But, Conservatives do, as his philosophies mirror theirs.

Democrats’ philosophies radically changed in the 1960s. They embraced a socio-economic platform promoting an ever-expanding Welfare State. Then, they embarked on a 50-year slide to the far-left. Their current agenda is Marxist Socialism, which they promote by pandering to “victims.”

Their power comes from keeping America in little controllable subsets (a classic Marxist philosophy), who they pretend to fight for, while exploiting them for votes. They falsely and vigorously indoctrinate society, especially the young, that mainstream society is the ultimate victimizer. In truth, it’s the Left’s own socio-economic policies that bring about the problems.

Reagan and the GOP advocated the Keynesian economics model of capitalism – the belief that Free Market principles works best. Opportunities are there for the taking, for those willing to work hard and endeavor to pursue happiness. These have been Republican Party principles since the days of Lincoln, and are consistent with those contained in America’s founding documents.

In recent years, the Democrats’ base is losing faith in their failed policies.

Their compensatory tactic is to tear apart this country, by fomenting identity politics and fear through ludicrous claims that Republicans are racist and anti-women, and that their leadership will lead to the trouncing of Civil Rights.

They claimed that dismantling the Affordable Care Act will cause hundreds of thousands of Americans to die.  Such insane fear-mongering led to the 2017 mass
shooting of Congressional Republicans at their baseball practice.

That same year, President Trump overhauled the Veterans Administration.  In June, he signed landmark legislation to reform the failed Veterans Choice Program, expanding private health care options, ending the long wait times that were killing our veterans.  He slashed strangling regulations and passed a Republican bill to cut taxes.  This revitalized businesses and inspired entrepreneurs.

Unemployment is at 3.7 percent, and Black median income has increased to an historic high.

The economy is growing at a rate of 4.1 percent GDP, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up about 40 percent since the 2016 election.

No one was oppressed or killed by these Republican reforms.  The crystal ball used by the fear-mongering Democratic Party has been consistently wrong.

The Democratic platform is as follows:  Rewrite history. Claim that Diversity and Multi-culturalism made America great. In reality, it was the mutual values of Americans in spite of their various racial and cultural backgrounds. As immigrants arrived, they embraced the culture of their new home, because they shared the same dream of all Americans for a more prosperous and free existence.

The Left misses the point when they stress biological and cultural diversity. It’s diversity of thought and the freedom to bring those thoughts and ideas into the public discourse that unleashed America’s greatness. A rendering of our short history reveals this truth through a shared love for our American flag and everything it represents. Core beliefs in America’s fundamental principles made the country strong, unified, and the wealthiest nation on earth.

Indeed, America’s recipe for success is in stark contrast to the Left’s playbook.

Modern Progressive Democrats manipulate the people by hijacking legitimate grassroots movement like Equal Rights, Gay Rights, and “MeToo” and selling them out to well-funded Marxist radicals, who weaponize them into fascist movements that step on the civil rights of others.

There is no such thing as a Civil Right that violates another individual’s Civil Right(s).

That is the biggest philosophical difference between Conservatives and Progressive Liberals.

It’s why the Left despises that old ball and chain – the US Constitution.


Sue Ianni lives in Natick. She wrote opinion columns for the MetroWest Daily News between 2008-2013. She is involved in local politics.

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