Massachusetts Students Lead the Nation in SAT Scores; Framingham High Equals State in Math, But Lower in English

FRAMINGHAM – Massachusetts students lead the nation in SAT scores, according to the College Board, which administers the exams.

The mean total score for the Commonwealth was 1171.

The mean reading score was 585. The mean math score was 586.

In Massachusetts, 67 percent of 2018 graduates took an SAT during high school.

Twenty-five percent more students took the SAT in the class of 2018, than in the class of 2017 nationally, according to the College Board.

Nationally the mean score for the class of 2018 was 1068, up from 1060 for the class of 2017.

America’s mean reading and writing score was 536, with 70 percent of students meeting the benchmark.

The national math mean score was 531, with 49 percent of students meeting the benchmark.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released SAT performance by school district for the 2017-2018 school year, last week.

In 2018, 417 members of the Class of 2018 took the SAT. The mean score for Framingham High was 556 for reading/writing and 586 for math.

SAT test are one of two tests students take for admission to colleges and universities.

Several colleges have made these tests optional in recent years, including Framingham State University this year.

The other exam is the ACT.

ACT math scores fell to their lowest level since 2004.

“The negative trend in math readiness is a red flag for our country, given the growing importance of math and science skills in the increasingly tech-driven US and global job market,” Marten Roorda, ACT CEO, said in a press release. “It is vital that we turn this trend around for the next generation and make sure students are learning the math skills they need for success in college and career.”

On the national level, 40 percent of students tested met the math benchmark, down from a high of 46 percent in 2012.

Readiness in English is trending down, too, with 64 percent meeting the English benchmark in 2015 and 60 percent meeting the benchmark in 2018.

Readiness levels in reading (46 percent) and science (36 percent) haven’t changed much over the years.


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