LETTER: Police Unions Call For Framingham City Council To Reject Chief Due To ‘Lack of Legitimate Process’

FRAMINGHAM –  Before the City Council makes this very important decision, the Framingham Police Superior Officers Association and Framingham Police Officers Union would like to reaffirm our position. We do not wish to make this solely about the person appointed to be the next Chief of Police. We have simply asked that a legitimate and transparent process take place with the participation of the community, city officials, and the men and woman serving the Police department.

Why is the city so unwilling to conduct an open and transparent search for the very best candidate for such an important leadership position in Framingham? This position should not be made simply because of a failure to request funding for a search or the pressure of being painted into a corner by time constraints. The city is only days away from receiving a comprehensive report from Jennifer Flagg, where she has spoken to 60 members of this department. There is no doubt that report will provide vital and current information that can be used to assess the needs of the department and therefore provide the framework of what qualities the next chief should possess.

The failure of a selection process has been described as indefensible and it clearly is, but the means in which the open position was allegedly posted is even more indefensible and clearly places the city in a vulnerable legal position.

The checks and balances are unquestionably in place for the City Council to correct these egregious errors and reject this appointment due to a violation of the City Charter and a lack of legitimate process.

For example, a veteran lieutenant who does not desire the position of Chief or an outside interim police chief could be appointed to ensure the day-to-day operations continue without issue and allow for a legitimate hiring and selection process to take place. This would also allow for the taxpayer funded report to be completed by J. Flagg consulting and its findings to be used to benefit the city and improve the police department. It would also potentially remove any claims of discrimination or prohibited practices.

Acting Chief Trask and any other candidate will then be afforded the opportunity to apply for the position in an open and transparent manner and any appointment thereafter will not have the stigma attached to it that this appointment has.


Framingham Police Superior Officers Association

Framingham Police Officers Union

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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