LETTER: Framingham Schools Underfunded by $15.9 Million Because Legislature Has Not Fixed Formula

Framingham Teachers Association President Christine Mulroney spoke before the Framingham School Committee Wednesday night, October 18. Below is her statement, which related to a School Committee resolution. The Framingham School Committee unanimously voted to support the resolution 9-0.



FRAMINGHAM -Thank you for this opportunity to address the School Committee. I am Christine Mulroney, president of the Framingham Teachers Association.

I am here tonight out of deep concern about the ability of Framingham Public Schools to meet the needs of all of the students we educate.

My concern stems from the fact that Framingham Public Schools, like school districts across the Commonwealth, have been severely underfunded for many

A bipartisan commission determined that Massachusetts public schools are underfunded by $1 billion annually because the formula used to calculate state aid
to schools has not been properly revised or updated.

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center calculated what districts would receive if the formula used to determine Chapter 70 aid to schools were brought
up to date using the recommendations of the commission that studied school funding.

Framingham Public Schools would receive an additional $15.9 million annually if the so-called Foundation Budget were fully funded.

Imagine what we could do if we had nearly $16 million more each year to budget for our students!

We could reduce class sizes. We could bolster social and emotional support for students. We could enhance professional development. We could make sure every
class room had sufficient supplies. We could do more for our English language learners. We could better support the needs of our special education students.

We could find new opportunities for our accelerated learners. We could offer school employees more affordable health care options, which would help attract
and retain the best possible educators.

We could do all of these things and more.

The Legislature failed to take any action to begin the process of updating the Foundation Budget formula, even though various proposals to do so were under
consideration during the previous legislative session.

Our students can no longer wait for their public schools to be fully funded in the manner that they were intended to be when the Foundation Budget was created
in 1993 to ensure all students had access to the education they deserve.

That is why I am asking you to pass this resolution calling on the Legislature to implement a fully funded Foundation Budget.

Please join your colleagues on school committees across the state that have already passed such a resolution and together we can send a powerful message to
Beacon Hill.

Thank you.

Christine Mulroney

Framingham Teachers Association 


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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