UPDATED: Framingham Mayor Spicer Appoints Trask As Police Chief Again

FRAMINGHAM – Tuesday, October 10 was the last day for individuals to submit a resume to be considered for Framingham Police Chief.

And that same day, Mayor Yvonne Spicer sent a letter to the Framingham City Council once again appointing acting Framingham Police Chief Steven Trask as her choice for permanent chief.

On Tuesday, September 25 around 5 p.m., Mayor Spicer’s office issued a press release announcing her appointment of Acting Chief  Trask as the City’s newest Police Chief.

That night, according to the Framingham Police Unions, the City’s Human Resources Director Dolores Hamilton posted the City was seeking applicants for police chief on the bulletin board outside of the human resources offices in the Memorial Building.

Both the patrolmen’s and the superior officers union have expressed its displeasure with the process and the selection of Trask.

The City’s bylaws and Charter require a minimum of a 14-day posting. SOURCE published a report that stated the City Charter, approved by voters and a legal document, requires “Whenever a vacancy occurs, or is about to occur, in any municipal employment, except for positions covered by the civil service law, the appointing authority shall immediately cause public notice of the vacancy, or impending vacancy, to be posted on the municipal bulletin board for a period of not less than fourteen (14) days. Any person who desires to be considered for employment may file with the appointing authority a statement in clear and specific terms setting forth the person’s qualifications for the position. No permanent employment shall be effective until at least fourteen (14) days have elapsed following the posting.”

So hours after the Mayor appointed a new police chief, the City of Framingham began advertising for resumes for the police chief job, seeking not only internal candidates but external candidates. The position was posted with a salary range of $134,105 to $177,354 annually.

The City Councilors questioned the timing of the announcement for Police Chief and the posting for applicants at its meeting earlier this month, at its October 2 meeting.

At that meeting, Chief Operating Officer Thatcher Kezer described the job posting as a technicality, just to follow the law.

In the Mayor’s October 10 letter to the City Council she wrote “Pursuant to Article II, Section 10(a) of the Framingham Charter, I hereby provide notice of appointment of Acting Chief Steven D. Trask as permanent Chief of the Framingham Police Department subject to Council review as set forth in Art. II, Sections 0(a) and (b). This notice supersedes the appointment letter sent on September 25, 2018 and has been issued after passage of the 14-day posting notice per the Charter.”

The 11-member City Council has 30 days to endorse or reject the Mayor’s choice for Police Chief.

A two-thirds vote is needed to reject. A majority vote is needed to approve.

The Council has scheduled a special meeting to discuss the police chief, and take a vote on Tuesday, October 23. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7;30 p.m. There is a closed to the public meeting at 7 p.m.

The rush on the vote is because Trask was appointed Acting Police Chief in April following the retirement of Ken Ferguson.

An acting chief can only serve a maximum of 180-days. Trask term as acting ends October 28, 2018.

The Mayor cited Trask’s experience as acting chief as her reason for his appointment.

“Chief Trask has served as a full time sworn police officer of the Framingham Police Department with distinction since 1987 and has held numerous leadership positions within the Department over the years. Chief Trask has served as Deputy Chief since March 2006, and as Acting Chief on two occasions, November 2016, through March 2017, and since Chief Ferguson’s retirement, April 27, 2018. I am confident that Chief Trask possesses the exemplary experience, knowledge and leadership skills to capably advance the Framingham Police Department and public safety in the years to come,” she wrote to Council.




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