LETTER: Framingham Needs A Transparent And Open Selection Process For Police Chief

FRAMINGHAM – We find it difficult to believe that Mayor Spicer is “dismayed” at our statement based on the information we provided her just a few months ago.

Both elected bodies representing all the uniformed personnel serving the City of Framingham were approached by former Chief Ferguson and asked to support Steven Trask as the next Police Chief.

The Framingham Police Officers Union (FPOU) stated that it could not support Deputy Chief Trask and wrote the Mayor, offering to meet and discuss candidates she would be considering.

The FPOU has never received a response from Mayor Spicer.

The elected board of the Framingham Police Superior Officers Association (FPSOA) opted to meet with the Mayor and her Chief Operating Officer.

At that (April) meeting, the Mayor was told the Framingham Police Superior Officers Association did not support any of the Deputies serving at that time and explained that a fair and impartial process to identify and select the best candidate available for the position is what was needed.

Both organizations, with the interest of the public and the officers serving them in mind, maintain that without a transparent and open selection process, simply appointing the acting chief only serves the interest of a few rather than that of the public and the men and women a new Chief intends to lead, protect and serve.

Mayor Spicer has hired a consultant to provide a written public report of her findings as to the state of the department and its personnel.

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars of the taxpayers’ money, then not wait for the report and not use its findings?

The report will be written for everyone to review, rather than a brief private discussion that is then relayed to the City Council.

As can happen in many cases, what is said and what is heard can be very different things.

The written findings will not be up for interpretation.

Deputy Chief Trask has a resume similar to that of many officers serving our city.

It is our opinion that the character, temperament and agenda of the next Chief should be as important as his or her resume.

Filling open positions that the previous chief was prevented from filling is not providing innovative leadership.

As the elected officials of the men and women who serve this community, we know that many of the issues that destroyed our confidence in the administration continue unaddressed to this day.

The most troubling question is why Mayor Spicer is reluctant to wait for the public report she ordered, listen to the concerns of the public and then have an open search for the Framingham Police Chief.

Executive Board Framingham Police Officers Union and Framingham Police Superior Officers Association

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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