Framingham Public Schools 2018 MCAS Results

The following is a press release from the Framingham Public Schools


The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has posted the results of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
(MCAS) for all Massachusetts districts and schools. In the spring of 2018, students in grades 3 – 8 were administered the Next-Generation MCAS in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

All students in grades 5 and 8 took the Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) legacy MCAS test.

High School students continued to take the legacy MCAS test in all subjects.

In alignment with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), DESE has revised its district and school accountability system. The new model involves significant changes from the previous accountabilitysystem and takes into consideration additional factors beyond test scores. While student achievement and growth are still significant indicators, the new accountability system also considers progress toward English language proficiency for English learners and chronic absenteeism rates for all schools and the district.

Additionally, at the high school level, the percentage of students completing advanced coursework, as well as the extended engagement rate, annual dropout rate, and four-year cohort graduation rate are also key factors.

School accountability determinations are based on an accountability percentile as well as progress toward improvement targets.

Accountability percentiles, which compare the performance of all students in the school to other schools in the state that administered similar assessments, are assigned on a scale of 1-99 using all available indicators. For the Framingham Public Schools, this means schools were categorizedas either “High Schools” or “non-High Schools” and compared to all schools in the state within that same category.

Progress toward improvement targets are now measured using data from two groups: all students in the school or district, and the lowest performing 25% of students in the school or district. While accountability determinations will be based on these two groups, the new accountability system will continue to report accountability results for subgroups.

Schools and districts will no longer receive a level rating of 1 through 5. Under the new accountability system, schools and districts will be categorized as:

❑ Schools of recognition (schools demonstrating high achievement, significant improvement, or high growth)
❑ Meeting targets (rating of progress toward targets of 75% or higher)
❑ Partially meeting targets (rating of progress toward targets below 75%)
❑ Focused/targeted support (schools with accountability percentiles at 10 or below, or schools with
low graduation rates, low performing subgroups, or low participation rates)
❑ Broad/comprehensive support (underperforming schools, chronically underperforming schools)

Districts are no longer classified based on the performance of the lowest performing school in the district.

Under the new accountability system, district classification is based on student performance for the whole district and student performance for the lowest performing 25% of students in the district. The Framingham Public Schools has received a district classification of Partially Meeting Targets and not requiring assistance or intervention.

The tables below indicate the classification of each school in the district.

We are a district of 13 schools in which 8 schools (Barbieri, Brophy, Hemenway, Stapleton, McCarthy, Potter Road, Woodrow Wilson and Walsh) made progress toward–either improving, meeting, or exceeding–the determined individual school based improvement targets, 3 schools made no significant change (Dunning, Cameron, and FHS), and 1 school declined (Fuller).

King Elementary School did not have sufficient data since 2018 was the first year of MCAS administration.

Individual student results will be mailed home to parents and guardians in the coming weeks.

The Massachusetts DESE has posted the accountability ratings and MCAS results for all Massachusetts districts and schools. In the Framingham Public Schools, we have added structures to support all schools in our district.

Last year we began a comprehensive curriculum review in grades K-12, we have expanded the implementation of a coordinated diagnostic assessment for all students in grades K-8 for this school year, and we will continue to strengthen the alignment of our district and school goals. We have already begun to analyze the Spring 2018 MCAS assessment data and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. The district will continue its partnership with the DESE to work with schools through Collective Turnaround Action Plans (CTAPs) and proactive Turnaround Action Plans to ensure that the necessary structures and supports are in place to provide equitable access to high-quality instruction.

We are committed to our goal of meeting the learning and developmental needs of all students through challenging, high-quality instruction aligned with best teaching practices, while also supporting the social and emotional growth of all students through positive relationship building.


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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