779 Individuals Participate in City of Framingham’s Future of Nobscot Village Survey

The following is a press release from the City of Framingham


FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham would like to thank everyone who participated in the community outreach effort that was initiated to collect residential input for the future of Nobscot.

The information collected over the last several months provided extremely important public comment for the future development of Nobscot and its community. Residents and business owners delivered valuable feedback either by attending Nobscot Community Hours sessions or taking the time to share their thoughts by filling out the Nobscot Survey.

In preparation of the future release of draft zoning and design standards, the City is publishing two reports that summarize the findings from the Nobscot Community Hours and the Community Survey.

Both initiatives have been circulated and are available for review at both Framingham Public Libraries, located at 49 Lexington Street and 746 Water Street (McAuliffe Branch), and in Room 205 of the Memorial Building, located at 150 Concord Street.

The results are also available online on the City’s website: www.framinghamma.gov/NobscotVillage.


During the 13 Nobscot Community Hours (sessions were held between March 9, 2018 and April 27, 2018), it was echoed that Nobscot needed to be redeveloped as a place that could attract people to live, while also providing employment, entertainment, and community space that could service all ages.

Nobscot’s key asset is the Christa McAuliffe Library branch and should be the focal point for redevelopment.

Over the years, the lack of investment in the Nobscot Shopping Plaza, non-existent entertainment opportunities, limited convenience and services; accompanied with increased commercial development in nearby communities has intensified the neighborhood’s desire to see redevelopment of Nobscot.

The Nobscot Community Survey (online from April 6, 2018 to May 30, 2018) was comprised of nine questions and was tailored to focus on data collection from a target audience whom identify with the area of Framingham known as Nobscot.

Approximately 779 response submissions were received.

The goal of the Survey was to establish baseline data to make informed decisions regarding possible future land use, regulation, and zoning changes to the area.

The questions ranged from general demographics to opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of Nobscot as it is currently exists.

The Survey provided an in-depth perspective and indicated a direction for the alternatives for future next steps.

In addition, the survey also identified the needed action items for the Nobscot area.

Over the next several months there will be publications for zoning ordinances, design standards, and other land use initiatives for the Nobscot neighborhood.

Framingham hopes that the community will continue to engage and provide feedback as progress is made with such endeavors.

For more information, or to provide questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please email aloomis@framinghamma.gov or eoj@framinghamma.gov  or visit the Villages website at www.framinghamma.gov/NobscotVillage.

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