SLIDESHOW: Lokerville Lookouts Block Party at Butterworth Park

FRAMINGHAM – Downtown Framingham Inc. partnered with Framingham Parks & Recreation to host a block party for the Lokerville neighborhood in the City Saturday afternoon.

The 8-month engagement campaign, surveyed 800 residents in the neighborhood near Butterworth Park, off Grant Street.

The campaign ended with a block party at the park yesterday, Sept 8 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Mayor Yvonne Spicer was in attendance, as was State Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis.

The neighborhood is located in District 7, and both elected leaders from that District were in attendance. City Councilor Margareth Shepard attended the event with her granddaughter. School Committee member Tiffanie Maskell attended with her husband and their sons. District 4 City Councilor Mike Cannon also attended the event.

Big Bad Wolf performed from 5 to 7 p.m.

Framingham Sub Shop & Pizza sold slices and Dulce D Leche sold gelato. Members of the Masonic temple were selling fried dough to attendees, too.

According to Downtown Framingham Inc., the engagement was to help the residents “learn about one another through information sharing and trust-building activities” and to “create a foundation for resource-sharing activities, including child care, play dates, carpooling, elderly assistance, neighborhood welcomes, and neighborhood safety.” The goal was also to “instill a sense of small business support by encouraging shopping at downtown venues” and “drive awareness and create better access to community and government resources.”

The Downtown Framingham Inc. also identified about 60 “block leaders” who could take “ownership of block party” and provided “feedback about the unique area needs.” One of the block leaders was former District 7 Council candidate Bill Lynch, who attended the event yesterday, as well.

Over a 2-month period, a sample of nearly 800 residents received surveys seeking answers about life in Lokerville, according to the Downtown Framingham organization.

The survey asked about safety, neighborly interactions, patronage of downtown businesses, and walkability of this neighborhood, among other questions.

About 80 surveys were completed, and more than 80 percent of the respondents indicated that they both enjoy and feel safe in this community.

67 percent of those who took the survey said the have lived in the Framingham for 10 years or more.

62 percent said they did not shop in downtown Framingham. The main reason is because none of the shops appeal to them.

The Lokerville Lookouts named Jack’s Abby and Pho Dakao the top two downtown businesses, respectively, with Sofa Cafe earning third place.

For the complete survey results,click here.


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