UPDATED: MetroWest Medical Center CEO Leaves Same Month Massachusetts Tenet Health Care CEO Leaves For Florida

FRAMINGHAM – In less than a month both the CEO of Tenet Health Care in Massachusetts and the CEO of MetroWest Medical Center have left their posts.

Earlier this month,  Jeffrey Welch, CEO of Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare’s Massachusetts market, left Massachusetts to oversee five Tenet hospitals in Greater Miami. He has family in Florida.

Now, Jeffrey Liebman, CEO of MetroWest Medical Center, who oversaw the Framingham Union Hospital in Framingham and the Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick, has left. There was a board meeting tonight.

Both were hired in mid 2017, after both the CEO and CFO of MetroWest Center quit in early 2017. Barbara Doyle resigned as CEO of MetroWest Medical Center in March 2017. The MetroWest Medical Center Chief Financial Officer resigned in February 2017.

Chief Nursing Officer Andrew D. Harding has been named interim CEO for MetroWest Medical Center, according to Board members.

MetroWest Medical Center is one of the largest employers in Framingham, with more than 1,000 employees, according to the Commonwealth’s Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

The Center is the the largest employer in downtown Framingham.

In 2016, MetroWest Medical Center formed a partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Care. The new clinical affiliation allows patients at MetroWest Medical Center to see physicians from Beth Israel, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

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