LETTER: Feeney Understands Framingham’s Neighborhoods; Knows Importance of Improving Our Local Economy

FRAMINGHAM – Mary Kate Feeney is the only candidate running to be Framingham’s voice in the State House who has the breadth and depth of experience, as well as the energy that we need and deserve. No one else combines knowledge and love of Framingham with Massachusetts government experience.

Feeney has been active in Framingham long before this election was even a glimmer. She knows our community and has already helped shape its future.

She has written about the importance of preserving Eastleigh Farm, Farm Pond, rail trails, and other open space, as well as renewable energy and creation of green jobs. But Mary Kate’s focus is much broader than that.

She knows the importance of improving our local economy through thoughtful development and good transportation policies.

Over the last 20 odd years while Framingham’s EDIC has brought us one crane downtown and an overload of apartments, Marlborough has benefitted from what our EDIC let go.
Overbuilding apartments – built with tax payer give aways no less- and ignoring our fleeing corporate tax base is not the record we want going to the state house to represent us.

Mary Kate Feeney, as a small business owner, knows the local business community and has worked with them. She knows the State House and the players there. She understands
Framingham’s neighborhoods, our needs, our hopes, our dreams. She has already been working for us.

On the day after Labor Day write in MARY KATE FEENEY to be our voice at the State House.

Suze Craighead

Land Use Attorney



Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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