LETTER: Feeney Will Advocate for Reliable Transportation, Education, Mental Health Programs

FRAMINGHAM – Politics. It’s a word that many people are just turned off by.

I have been that person. But now, I am more intrigued. Intrigued with those that do the work that makes the world better for my family and community members.

Upon getting involved in local politics, I have found that there’s a whole lot more positive than negative happening in our city. There are people who show up every day to focus on the issues that impact us all. They do so humbly, without bias, and without seeking accolades. They focus on real issues.

I’ve come to know Mary Kate Feeney, Democratic Candidate for 6th Middlesex District State Representative, over the past few years.

Mary Kate shows up to everyday.

Like myself, Mary Kate grew up here in Framingham and has chosen to reside here. She has solidified her commitment to the progression of Framingham and its residents success. She knows the challenges our diverse population faces. She knows the complex needs of our municipal and school systems in obtaining robust economic support from the state.

Mary Kate knows the State House. She was an Aide to Governor Deval Patrick between 2007-2013. She interacted with the public; with people like you and me, who didn’t know where to turn or how to make things better for their community. She was their voice to the “powers that be.” She got conversations started, advocated for the residents, made things happen.

Mary Kate’s priorities are my priorities. As a resident, parent, and special educator in Framingham, I agree with her areas of identified importance.
• Advocating for a modern, reliable public transportation system in Framingham.
• Ensuring teachers, students and Framingham Public Schools receive fair and appropriate funding from the state.
• Pushing for state wide commitment in mental health programs including addressing opioid abuse and mental health stigmas.
• Protection of our environment including initiatives of open space preservation.

All of these initiatives touch the lives of every resident of Framingham.

If she hasn’t personally come to your door yet, you can reach out to her and share your concerns and thoughts about Framingham. You will not be disappointed.

Write in Mary Kate Feeney for State Representative on Tuesday September 4th.

Marion Kelly

Resident, Parent, Framingham Public Schools educator


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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