LETTER: Feeney Best Qualified For State Representative – Roots in Framingham, Compassionate, and Experienced

FRAMINGHAM – I think we are quite fortunate to have such a great field to choose from in the September 4 Democratic primary for State Representative in the 6th Middlesex District.

No matter who wins I am confident we will continue to receive the same high level and quality of representation provided by our great friend and late State Representative Chris Walsh.

That being said, Mary Kate Feeney is my choice for State Representative and I will proudly be writing in her name when I vote on September 4th.


Mary Kate’s work in Governor Deval Patrick’s office has prepared her well to step into the important role of State Representative.

She has built relationships with many of the players in the House and Senate through her work for Governor Patrick. She understands the state bureaucracy and the myriad of state agencies. Daily as part of the Governor’s constituent services team, she worked to assist citizens like you and me in dealing with problems and issues involving state government. She consistently got results. Mary Kate will be ready day one to navigate that bureaucracy on behalf of Framingham and our citizens. No “on the job training”needed for Mary Kate Feeney. She will be able to hit the ground running Day One in January.

Roots in Framingham.

Mary Kate was born and raised in Framingham. She attended Framingham schools and has from very early on been actively involved in the civic life of our great community as a volunteer and a public servant. Long before she decided to seek this office Mary Kate was an active and involved member of our community. Her love of Framingham cultivated by her deep roots in the community drives her determination to serve its citizens. Her leadership during the recent Charter Commission elections and charter development process demonstrate qualities that are essential for serving effectively as State Representative … political savvy, communication skills, art of negotiating, leadership, talent at bringing diverse opinions together and consensus building, extensive knowledge of the community, and results orientation.


Mary Kate is a great listener and a unique individual in her deep reservoirs of compassion and empathy. When you speak to Mary Kate you get the sense she really cares about you, your family and the issues important to you. She is always there to help. These are traits I admire and want in my State Representative.

The biggest plus for me was Mary Kate’s hard work in getting a Charter Commission established and the City Charter approved.

Her positive attitude and extraordinary political and communication skills led to the success of the most important and positive move made here in Framingham in generations.

We need these skills and experience working for us each and every day on Beacon Hill.

Mary Kate is the “real deal”.

An experienced leader with long and deep roots in the community who will bring an abundance of compassion and empathy to the job of State Representative.

We need Mary Kate Feeney to be our next State Representative!!

Please join me on Tuesday September 4th in voting to elect Mary Kate Feeney as our State Representative.

Note: Write in Mary Kate Feeney in the blank space under the State Representative spot on the ballot (“Representative in General Court”) and fill in the oval for write-in candidates (to the right of “write-in space only”).

Mike Bower


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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