LETTER: Robinson ‘Supports a Pathway to Citizenship For DREAMers’

FRAMINGHAM – I would like to personally endorse a write-in candidate, Maria Robinson, Democrat for State Representative of the 6th Middlesex District.

As stated publicly voters will write-in candidates during the September primary. The candidate with the most votes will then be on the ballot in November.

Here is why I strongly support Maria Robinson.

As Maria has said she has a decade of experience working with state governments including legislatures, agencies and commissions.  She was also a Town Meeting Member.

Most impressively to me she is an MIT graduate with a degree in chemical engineering and a Master’s Degree in law.  Moreover, her platforms encompass diversity.  She entertains progressive policy on education, health care, paid family leave, a living wage as well as fair and inclusive voting rights, affordable housing, and senior living.  She is supportive of LGBTQ rights, clean energy, consumer protection, immigration and cybersecurity.

She will be a strong, ethical, honest and effective voice of the people giving the position of Representative 100% of her time and attention.  If I am supporting a candidate one can be assured that dishonesty will not be a part of her repertoire.

It is refreshing to me to have a candidate who believes in humane and progressive answers to the problems of our time.  As an example and as stated on her web page “she supports the Safe Communities Act which will allow law enforcement to focus on local crimes instead of acting as an agent of federal immigration policy.  This law will keep Framingham safer, as it will allow for our citizens to feel comfortable reporting local crimes.”

Most importantly to me, she supports a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.

If voters want to know more about Maria Robinson and more about where she stands on the issues they can go to www.votemariarobinson.com to take a look.  I am sure they will be as impressed as I am in her qualifications for the job.  I have no doubt that she will excel in the position of Representative for the Middlesex 6th District and will give us the kind of leadership that reflects the better angels of our nature!

Natalie Rosen

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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