Framingham Advertising For Acting Assistant Director of Transporation

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingam Public School District is advertising for an acting assistant director transportation.

The position is responsible  to “maintain ongoing smooth and efficient transportation system in order to provide the maximum benefits to the students, teachers, administrators, and citizens of Framingham.”

As Source has reported, the public school district’s Director of Transportation has been on medical leave since spring 2018.

Framingham Assistant Director of Transportation Patricia Disalle has been serving as the acting Director of Transportation.

One of the most important roles of the Director of Transportation is creating and maintaining bus routes for the more than 9,000 students in the public school district.

About 5,500 students have registered for a bus,  according to Framingham Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay.

Tremblay said bus route assignments, for those who were eligible and paid for a bus, were to go out this week.

The job for an acting Assistant Director of Transportation was posted on August 17.

The position is covered under the Framingham School Committee contract, and is employed 12 months of the year.

No salary range was posted.

Applicants should have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.

Applicants should have a valid Massachusetts driver’s license; valid CDL with “P” and “S” endorsements plus a valid Massachusetts school bus operator’s certificate is preferred.

Applicants with experience working in the area of transportation is strongly preferred, as well as familiarity with school bus routing software packages.

Individuals who apply should have a “knowledge of applicable laws, codes, rules, and regulations related to transportation.  Knowledge of methods, practices, and procedures for transportation vehicles. Knowledge of streets and roads within District boundaries and trip destinations. Knowledge of school operation and ability to relate effectively to student, staff, and parents. Skills in computer proficiency and application of various techniques. Ability to communicate in a professional manner both orally and in writing. Ability to work as part of a team and continue learning. Ability to work efficiently and effectively with staff and the public. Ability to handle confidential matters in an ethical manner. Ability to work both independently and cooperatively, exercise judgment and creativity, organize work, set priorities, meet deadlines, and work under pressure with constant disruptions.”


  • Assists in the planning of home-to-school bus routes utilizing the routing software with the goal of maximizing vehicle efficiency.
  • Assists in providing routing process improvement recommendations which maximize time and capacity of school buses by monitoring, revising, pairing, sharing and/or eliminating route/buses.
  • Assists in generating and analyzing reports using the transportation software and the student information system to meet transportation needs and works to improve transportation services.
  • Inspects bus stops and checks drivers’ performance on the road.
  • Review route schedules and patterns with transportation vendor, determining safest and most efficient solutions.
  • Assists in the role of dispatch responsibilities when needed; providing directions, road closures, and other pertinent information.
  • Handle telephone inquiries and complaints.
  • Estimate field trip costs and expedite procedures associated with such trips.
  • Initiate and follow up on disciplinary matters involving students.
  • Establish and maintain accurate rider eligibility and student listings including general and special education students.




Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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