State Representative Candidate Profile: Maria Robinson

Editor’s Note: SOURCE sent a Q&A to each of the five write-in candidates for state representative in the 6th Middlesex District. Each of the five are seeking to replace the late Chris Walsh in that district.

There is a primary election on Tuesday, September 4. There are four declared Democratic write-in candidates and one declared Republican write-in candidate. Individuals enrolled in a party will get a party ballot. Unenrolled voters – voters who have no party – can choose a ballot to write in a name.  They can select one of the five declared names or any other name.

Source will be publishing a question a day all this week with the five declared candidates to help voters choose.

Source is not- and has never – endorsed any candidate, however the community news site does accept political advertising. Acceptance of any ad is not an endorsement of any candidate.




Political Party: Democrat

Age: 31

Occupation: Director of Wholesale Market Policy, Advanced Energy Economy

Education: S.B. in Chemical Engineering from MIT. Masters of Energy Law from the University of Tulsa.

Years lived in Framingham: 5.5

Which City Precinct do you live in: 7



Family (optional): Husband, Matt. Two foster children, ages 10 and 12. Parents, Stephen and Denyse. Dog, Guinness.

What languages do you speak: English.

Municipal experience: Town Meeting Member

Volunteerism in the 6th District: Board Member, Framingham Public Library Foundation. Treasurer/Board Member of Friends of the Framingham Library.

Website or Facebook page link:



SOURCE asked each of the candidates to answer a series of question using just one word. Answers are posted below. 

1. What is your favorite place in the 6th District? McAuliffe Library


2. Will you vote for tax hikes in the state of Massachusetts? Depends.


3. Will you vote for the debt exclusion override for the new Fuller Middle School project? Yes.


4. Do you support a hands-free cell phone law in the Commonwealth? Yes.


5. Rep. Chris Walsh filed a bill defining and providing screening for dyslexia students. It did not pass this session. Would you re-file the bill? Yes.


6. Do you support driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants? Depends.


7. Framingham has banned single-use plastic bags. Would you support a ban in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Depends.


8. The late Chris Walsh supported a state-wide Transfer of Development Rights bill. Do you? Depends.


9. Question #1 on the November ballot would place a limit on the number of patients a single nurse can be assigned at a time and impose a $25,000 fine on hospitals that violate those ratios. How would you vote? Yes.


10. Question #2 on the November ballot would create a citizen commission to push a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision on campaign finance. How would you vote? Yes.


11. Question #3 on the November ballot would repeal a 2016 state law that banned discrimination against transgender people in places of public accommodation, like restaurants and restrooms. How would you vote?  “I would vote NOT to repeal.”


12. Do you support the requirement to pass a high-stakes test to graduate from high school in Massachusetts? No.


13. Does the Commonwealth need a stronger ethics law for elected leaders? Yes.


14. Does the Commonwealth’s Open Meeting Law need more teeth? Yes.


15. Describe your district in one word:  Diverse.

Why should someone write your name on the ballot on Tuesday, Sept. 4?

I have spent the past decade working with state government — legislatures, agencies, Governors’ offices — on clean energy issues. This includes writing state and federal legislation, performing deep analysis on laws, and direct advocacy. Here in Massachusetts, you probably have seen some of my work when you go to Logan Airport, where I helped to get solar panels installed on the parking garage. I bring experience in state government that no other candidate offers.

In addition, I am rooted in Framingham. My husband and I bought our first home together in Framingham in 2012. Being engineers, when we decided to move out of Boston, we put together a spreadsheet to figure out the best place to live in Massachusetts. Framingham came out on top and still does for us today.

Since that time, we have added our two foster children (who attend the Framingham Public Schools) and bought another home in Framingham so we could accommodate my parents moving in with us. Our multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-socioeconomic family allows me to have a unique perspective into a wide variety of struggles residents across Framingham face daily.

Most of all, I genuinely care about making real progress at the State House to improve the lives of all Framingham residents. Whether you’ve lived in the city for generations or moved here yesterday, whether you are 9 or 90 years old, whether you speak English or not, whether you are wealthy or make minimum wage — I will be here for you, working every day as your legislator.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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