LETTER: Sen Endorsing Robinson For State Representative

FRAMINGHAM – As I said in my Facebook posts, the Movement for Black Lives transcends Dem/Republican politics.

Tom Blandford, even though a Republican, deserves a seat at any event hosted by a non-partisan entity for candidates for the 4th Sep primary.

During a discussion between Tom and the President of the Framingham Unit of LWV, there was a point when there was a strong disagreement. It has been reported to and verified by me that at that point the President of the Framingham Unit of the LWV threatened to call the cops. This was a typical situation of ‘crisis resolution’.  And in 2018, in MA, a white person threatens to call the cops on a black candidate? We can do better.

We may find all the 4 Dem candidates differ little on policies – the talking points – TALK THE TALK.  Some cite what they did in the past. My question is “WHAT ARE YOU READY TO DO NOW and HOW DO YOU PROVE IT”

The hallmark of true leadership is the ability to take a stand on issues that matter. Why would someone who cannot take a stand on such a crucial issue of racial justice be sent to Beacon Hill to represent us? Racial justice is an issue that matters to me and many others.  Maria Robinson has walked the walk by supporting Tom’s demand for a seat at the table.  This is what she is ready to do now – take a stand on Racial Justice issue. WRITE IN MARIA ROBINSON ON SEP 4TH – PRIMARY ELECTION DAY

Another attribute that I look for is the willingness and ability to work across aisles.  Maria walked the walk again by reaching out to Tom, who is a Republican, and supporting his demand that he be given a seat at the Aug 20 event by the Framingham Unit of the LWV.  This is reaching out across the aisle at its pinnacle. She proves her willingness and ability to reach out across the aisle. WRITE IN MARIA ROBINSON ON SEP 4TH – PRIMARY ELECTION DAY

In Solidarity

Dhruba Sen


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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