LETTER: ‘It’s Important To Watch What People Do When They Think No One Is Looking’

FRAMINGHAM – My fellow neighbors and voters of Framingham. Once again the time has come to voice our vote as to who we want representing us in the State House. For myself, the choice is clear and here’s why.

As someone who only a few years ago decided to get more involved in local politics, I really didn’t know too many people in the political world. The more I became involved, and the more events I started going to, I kept seeing the same face over and over again.
I kept looking at programs, lineups, and listed speakers trying to figure out what this woman was running for. Anything from donation events, to political round tables, to family events, and to fundraisers. I saw this woman quietly stuffing donation boxes, taking notes etc …
I saw this woman actively talking to people. (She seemed to know everyone but me). She was smiling, laughing, writing things down. Everywhere I went, whether it involved politics, or just a fundraiser or family night, there was this woman talking to people, and being involved.
Fast forward to after the 2017 election cycle.
As I continued to try and be active in local government, many of the faces I saw on bumper stickers, yard signs, facebook ads, well, they all faded away. Except for one.
For whatever reason, I kept seeing this face over and over again, doing all the same things. Talking to people, taking notes, showing up to fundraisers and random events  – both political and non-political.
By now we had become friends. Not “besties” by any means, but friends.
You may be wondering why I haven’t been touting her qualifications. Well, I actually have.
You see, for me, it’s important to watch what people do when they think no one is looking.
There was no real political reason for her to be at all these places and events during a non-election period.
Her dedication to Framingham in between election cycles tells me that she genuinely cares for Framingham.
Anyone can run for office and put on a dog & pony show for 6 months.
But when you see someone doing good things, for the right reasons, when no one is watching … THAT’S the person I want representing me. THAT’S the attitude and spirit I’m looking for. THAT’S the determination I need at the statehouse.
Of course, her experience in politics, her lifelong Framingham residency, and education far surpass her opponent’s qualifications. That’s always a nice bonus.
Primary day will be here soon – Tuesday, September 4. And I would ask the voters of Framingham not only to write in the name of Mary Kate Feeney, but I would also like to ask that you get one person to do the same.
This being a complete write-in ballot, it’s important that every single one of us votes for Mary Kate Feeney.
If you are unenrolled, I would ask that you pull a Democratic ballot and write her name in.
I really believe that this will, in fact, be one of those times where every single vote matters.
Mary Kate Feeney is the right choice!
Bill Lynch

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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