LETTER: Feeney Has the ‘Experience, Wisdom and Compassion’ To Be Framingham State Representative

FRAMINGHAM – For many years, I barely paid attention to local politics. The panorama of life, career, family and more was too full and busy, and other than the presidential or gubernatorial elections, nothing else was really pinging my radar.

So if this is you, I get it.

But as I got involved in my community – on PTO boards at my daughter’s schools, teaching at the Y and CCD, watching and paying attention to my neighbors, friends and acquaintances and their concerns and engagement – I saw the powerful ripples that each voice can have, how far they can travel and how they can affect things in a real way. I saw those sometimes difficult-to-discern connections between who is leading and what happens in my daily life, or that of our teachers, businesses, children and friends.

So now I pay attention, and I vote, and I’m hoping you will too. It matters, it counts, and it will affect your life in many ways.

Our exceptionally close vote on town vs. city last year proves that.

So, please, get out on September 4  and write in your choice for our local state representative, the person that will give voice to the concerns of Framingham at the State House – this means you, your family, your neighbors, and maybe even that local business you love.

In the voting booth that day, I will be writing in Mary Kate Feeney.

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that she has the experience, wisdom, compassion and dignity to be our voice and make us proud. She is the only candidate who has been there before, and is ready to go there again.

The most critical factor in my decision is Mary Kate’s prior eight years’ experience in the governor’s office.

She worked as an aide to Deval Patrick, spent years as the liaison between citizens and the governor in the Constituent Services Offices, and built the knowledge and connections that will ensure her immediate effectiveness as our representative. She won’t have the steep learning curve a political novice will have. Mary Kate will know who the players are and how things work, making her an immediately powerful voice for us and ready to work on day one.

During her tenor at the State House, her job was to make ALL people’s voices heard, so doing this for us will not be new territory for Mary Kate.

It is a certainty for me that she will work untiringly for us, that she will have a deep understanding of the issues, and that she will represent Framingham with her typical class, humility, strength and unfailing respect for others.

It is also profoundly important that Mary Kate has long and deep roots in Framingham.

As a life-long Framingham resident, Mary Kate has seen the bad, the good, the awful and the indifferent, and is very tuned into what we care about. She knows the history of issues that is necessary to inform effective and wise decisions today.

Mary Kate has been a member and vice president of the League of Women Voters, helping this much needed organization to encourage all people to register and vote, sponsoring educational events and promoting discussion of topical issues. She is also a member of the Framingham Business Association, the Framingham History Center, the Pheasant Hill Civic Association, and Sudbury Valley Trustees.

Her love of and commitment to Framingham has always been evident.

I’m proud to support Mary Kate Feeney. She is ready to be our voice. I hope you learn about her, call or speak to her, and write her in on September 4 . Thank you.

Nancy O’Connor


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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