Spicer Nominates 5 to Framingham Bylaw Review Committee

FRAMINGHAM – Mayor Yvonne Spicer has nominated five individuals to the 7-member Mayoral Bylaw Review Committee.

When the Framingham Home Rule Charter was approved by the voters, and Framingham became a City, the Mayor became responsible for “continuation of the review of

The Mayor is responsible for appointing seven individuals to “review the town by-laws for the purpose of preparing such revisions and amendments as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the provisions of this charter and to fully implement the provisions of this charter.”

The names were submitted to the City Council on July 31.

The 7-member Committee shall be comprised of seven individuals but two of the individuals must “have been members of the Charter Commission elected in 2016.”

The Bylaw Review Committee shall submit a report, with recommendations, within one year following its creation and may submit interim reports with recommendations at any time. The review shall be conducted under the supervision of the city solicitor, or by special counsel appointed for that express purpose.

Nominated for a 1-year term were

  • Kristina Johnson – District 7
  • Madeline Leone – District 1
  • Paulo Simones – District 9
  • Nicole Singleton – District 1
  • Joel Winett – District 3

Johnson served on the Mayor’s Transition Team.

The Mayor did not nominated any individuals from the Charter Commission, thus there are still two positions to be filled.

The City Council’s subcommittee on appointments, chaired by Cheryl Tully Stoll, will review the appointments and then make a recommendation to the full City Council to vote on the nominations to the Council. The 11-member City Council still has to approve the appointment recommendations by the Mayor, before the individuals can be sworn in.

It is unknown how many people applied for the Committee. The Mayor’s office did not release that number.

SOURCE could not find an advertisement for the Commission on the City’s website, like the advertisements posted for for License Commission, Traffic Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Health, etc. Current members said they received a letter notifying them of the June 1 deadline to re-apply. The City’s former public information officer issued a press release on the morning of June 1, announcing it was the last day to apply for City boards, committees and commissions.

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