LETTER: Framingham Deserves A Modern, Reliable Transportation System

The quality of life in our neighborhoods is suffering due to poorly regulated traffic, unbridled road construction and constant new real estate development. Our transportation infrastructure is experiencing overload and deterioration costing taxpayers millions.

I have been a regular rail commuter into Boston for more than a decade.

I have experienced every issue: slippery rail, rails too hot, no A/C, endless delays in the rain and cold, and no-show trains. Times where I had to drive back and forth from the city saw long traffic jams resulting in time lost, gas wasted and my patience tested. In Framingham, we have our issues with traffic congestion, dangerous intersections and streets, flooding and noise.

As our full-time state representative, I will work to address several challenges that face us and the Commonwealth regarding transportation:

  • Advocate for increased funding for the MBTA to keep fares affordable and increase reliable rail service to and from Boston;

  • Support the growth of regional transportation authorities, especially our MetroWest Regional Transportation Authority, and address demands for increased service, including weekends and weeknights;

  • Work with MassDOT to install sound barriers in neighborhoods and solve problems with state roads, such as flooding at Routes 9 & 126;

  • Support an off-peak toll discount pilot program to encourage commuters to travel on toll roads during less busy times to reduce traffic congestion.


It is time we got serious about our transportation system and how it affects our daily lives.

We deserve a system that strengthens our economy and communities, while also being modern, safer, affordable and reliable.

What we have now is not sustainable, and certainly not good for our environment.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to have a transportation system that is as great as our Commonwealth.

Mary Kate Feeney


Feeney, former aide to Governor Deval Patrick, is a resident of Pheasant Hill in Framingham. She is a write-in candidate for State Representative for the 6th Middlesex District. Learn more about Mary Kate at www.feeneyforframingham.com



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