Updated: Framingham City Council Votes To Reject All Mayoral Nominations To Volunteer Committees

FRAMINGHAM – In a unanimous vote, the 11-member City Council voted to reject all the nomination submitted to the Council by Mayor Yvonne Spicer.

District 9 City Councilor Edgardo Torres was not present for tonight’s meeting, due to health reasons.

The Mayor’s office had submitted names for volunteers to serve on various boards, committees, and commissions on Friday, June 29.

Source has been posting the names of those nominated over the last couple of weeks.

On Friday, July 12, the Mayor’s office submitted an updated packet with names.

City Councilor’s found some “irregularities” between the two submissions.

Other City Councilors questioned if all the boards, committees, and commissions were ever advertised.

City of Framingham Chief Operating Officer Thatcher Kezer III told Councilors that emails went to all current volunteers on Framingham boards, committees and commissions, suggesting they re-apply.

Councilors questioned how new volunteers were made aware of the openings, but did not get answers.

Mayor Yvonne Spicer did not attend the meeting. She was seen leaving the Memorial Building, shortly before 6;30 p.m.

Prior to the 10-0 vote, Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll, had asked the Council to reject the appointments of individuals to the Framingham Disability Commission, the Framingham Veterans Council, and the Framingham Board of Registrars. Tully Stoll is the chair of the Council’s subcommittee on appointments.

Another reason, the City Council rejected all the appointments last night, as many of the names submitted did not have staggered terms. The Council as the appointing authority can not change a term, it only has the authority to approve or reject a nomination.

Among the Boards, Committees and Commissions that had volunteer names submitted to the Council include the Cable Advisory Council, the Framingham Cultural Council, the Economic Development Industrial Commission, the Framingham Historic District Commission, the Framingham Parks & Recreation Commission.

District 8 Councilor Judy Grove said she was disappointed that not one individual from District 9 was nominated by the Mayor for a position.

Grove said only 8% of the appointments by the Mayor came from Districts 7-8-9.

“There is no geographic or economic diversity in these appointments,” she said.

Grove said 31 percent of the appoints came from Districts 4-5-6, with the majority of the appointments coming from Districts 1-2-3.

This is not the first time, appointments were centered in District 1-2-3.

The Framingham Planning Board now has 4 of its five members, from District 1. The Mayor appointed two individuals from District 1 to fill vacanices. The other three members were elected by voters when Framingham was a town.

Kezer suggested perhaps City Councilors could work with the Mayor to help recruit candidates fro volunteer positions.

Councilor Tully Stoll said after the Mayor appointed an “all-white (Framingham) Traffic Commission,” she offered to help the Mayor.

“She turned me down,” said Tully Stoll.



Originally posted at 9:42 p.m. on July 17.Last updated at 11:53 p.m. SOURCE will update this report on Wednesday

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