Mayor Appoints 2 Democrats to Board of Registrars; Republican Position Still Open

FRAMINGHAM – Mayor Yvonne Spicer has appointed two Democrats to the Framingham Board of Registrars.

Massachusetts General Laws requires event community to have a Board of Registrats of Voters. State law requires the appointing authority to select members from the two leading political parties, and for the four members to be equal between the two parties.

Registrars process absentee voter applications, process address and party changes, maintain accurate lists of registered voters in the City, conduct maintenance and testing of voting equipment, help to conduct elections and recounts as necessary in a fair and impartial manner, help to tally election results, accept and certify nomination papers, and certify initiative or referendum petitions

The appointing authority (the Mayor’s office) is to notify the Democratic and Republican Town Committees’ chairs to submit a list of candidates by certified mail.

If the chair of the town committee has not submitted to the appointing authority within 45 days after a notification to the chair by certified main, the appointing authority (Mayor) shall make said appointment

Mayor Spicer is a registered Democrat.

The City Clerk also serves on the Board as an ex-officio member.

Current City Clerk, Valerie Mulvey, a Democrat serves on the Board. She will retire later this month.

The Mayor nominated

  • Linda Fields, who currently serves on the Board, a Democrat
  • Summer Shaud, a Democrat


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