Framingham Mayor Tours Public Schools Summer Food Program

Editor’s Note: The following is from the Framingham Public Schools. The Mayor toured the program and the garden at Framingham High this morning.Photo courtesy of Framingham Public Schools.


FRAMINGHAM – It’s July and our students are on their summer break. Our teachers are on their summer break. One person not on summer break is Brendan Ryan, Administrator of Food Services for Framingham Public Schools. Many of our cafeterias may be getting a break, but Food Services is quite busy. Let’s take a look inside the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) – how it operates and who it benefits.

Framingham’s Summer Food Service Program
The Summer Food Service Program, also known as the Summer Meals Program, was established to ensure that children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.

When school is out, SFSP provides free meals to kids and teens in low-income areas. This program operates with Federal and State support.

The Child Nutrition Outreach Program (CNOP)is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and administered by Project Bread.

The SFSP is Important to our Community
We know that children who miss school breakfast and lunch are more likely to be sick, absent or tardy, disruptive in class, and inattentive. They also score lower on achievement tests. Child hunger and malnutrition lead to stunted growth, risk of illness, obesity, hospitalizations, decreased workforce readiness and skills. Good nutrition is essential for learning in school. SFSP provides an opportunity to continue a child’s physical and social development while providing nutritious meals during long vacation periods from school. It helps children return to school ready to learn. In Framingham and Marlborough we serve 2,600 meals each day!

Meal Preparation
We prepare all the meals in-house using as much “local” produce as possible. Breakfast is a selection of Cereals and Breakfast Bars and Lunch is a different Deli Meat Sandwich daily, along with salad, fruit and milk.

SFSP Staff
The Food Service Department at Framingham Public Schools employs both paid Food Service Staff and students via the PSW Youth Careers Program, which is grant paid program for first time employment of severe needs Students. We also have a group of College interns, this year from Pitt, Framingham State & Umass Amherst, and they oversee all sites to make sure the meals are distributed correctly.

On-site Volunteers and Activities
Activities and volunteers are provided by and managed by the Open Site locations.

The SFSP Operation
The Food and Nutrition Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, administers SFSP at the Federal level. State education agencies administer the program in most States. In some areas, the State health or social service department or an FNS regional office may be designated. In Framingham (and Marlborough), SFSP is run by the Framingham Public Schools Food Service Department. We provide free meals to children at several Open and Enrolled sites throughout the community. Food Services receives payments from USDA, through our State agencies, for the meals we serve. States approve SFSP meal sites as open, enrolled, or camp sites.

Open Sites (Definition and Locations)
Open Sites are designated in low-income areas where at least half of the children come from families with incomes at or below 185 percent of the Federal poverty level, making them eligible for free and reduced-price school meals. Meals are served free to any child at the open site. Meals are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Meals will be provided in Framingham & Marlborough at these sites and times as follows:

ALL OPEN SITES Dates Breakfast Lunch Location
Pelham Apartments 7/2/18 – 8/24/18 9:00am – 10:30am 12:30pm – 1:30pm 95B Taralli Terrace
Framingham, MA 01702
Country Village Marlboro 7/2/18 – 8/24/18 9:15am – 10:15am 12:00pm – 1:00pm 450 Boston Post Rd
Marlborough, MA 01752
Marlborough Library (M/T/W) 7/2/18 – 8/22/18 N/A – Lunch Only 1:00pm – 2:00pm 35 Main St
Marlborough, MA 01752
Framingham Library (M/W/F) 7/2/18 – 8/24/18 N/A – Lunch Only 12:00pm – 2:00pm 49 Lexington St,
Framingham, MA 01702


Enrolled Sites (Definiton and Locations)
Enrolled sites provide free meals to children enrolled in an activity program at the site where at least half of them are eligible for free and reduced-price meals. Meals will be provided to all eligible children free of charge in the communities of Framingham & Marlborough. (To be eligible to receive free meals at a residential or non-residential camp, children must meet the income guidelines for reduced-price meals in the National School Lunch Program.) Children who are part of households that receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly foods stamps), or benefits under the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) are automatically eligible to receive free meals.

Acceptance and participation requirements for the Program and all activities are the same for all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Meals will be provided at the sites and times as follows:


Group Address Program Name Start Date End Date Meals Served Meal Times
Parks and Recreation 8 Flagg Drive Special Needs Program 7/9 8/10 Breakfast & Lunch 9:30am/12:15pm
Boys & Girls Club 25 Clinton St. B&G Club House 7/2 8/17 Breakfast & Lunch 9:00am/12:00pm
Metrowest YMCA 280 Old Connecticut Path Camp OCP 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 8:30am/11:45am
Metrowest YMCA 280 Old Connecticut Path Gymnastics Camp 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 8:30am/12:00pm
Metrowest YMCA 280 Old Connecticut Path 1ST Summer Club 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 8:30am/11:30am
21st Century Wilson 169 Leland St Summer Program 7/2 7/27 Breakfast & Lunch 8:30am/11:45am
Star/Flyers/Learning/Best 215 Elm St. Star/Flyers/Learning/Best 7/2 8/3 Breakfast & Lunch 7:45am/11:00am
21st Century @ FHS 115 A Street Access/FSU 7/2 8/15 Breakfast & Lunch 9:15am/11:45am
Suburban Child 10 Roxana St. Suburban Child 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 9:00am/11:30am
21st Century @ Mass Bay 19 Flagg Drive 21st Century @ Mass Bay 7/30 8/10 Breakfast & Lunch 9:00am/12:00pm
21 Century 8 Flagg Drive Summer Scene 7/2 7/27 Breakfast & Lunch 9:00am/11:30am
Hoops & Homework 9 Rear Pusan Rd Hoops & Homework 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 1:00pm/3:30pm
Cochituate Homes 12B Interfaith Terrace Cochituate Homes 7/2 8/24 Breakfast & Lunch 1:30pm/3:30pm



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