Team Framingham Runners Raised More Than $103,000 in 2018 For 5 Organizations

FRAMINGHAM – The members of Team Framingham 2018 may have run under some of the worst conditions for the 2018 Boston Marathon, but the group raised more than $100,000  for five organizations.

Team Framingham 2018 raised $103,124.

Over the last five years, Team Framingham has raised more than $372,072.

The top 6  fundraisers this year were:

  • Bree Cunningham $9,494.00 for Hoops & Homework.
  • Diana Linn $8,366.00 for Hoops & Homework
  • Priscila Sousa $8,024.00 for Hoops & Homework
  • Michelle Gibson$7,170.00 for Adult ESL
  • Megan Bubello $5,895.00 for Hoops & Homework
  • Deb Dauley  $5,591.00  for the Framingham High School Foundation

Below is what the other Team Framingham runners raised and their organization:

Joe Kynoch (Hoops) $5,500.00, Mark Nickerson (Hoops) $5,336.00, Jeffrey Beling (Hoops) $5,105.00, Elise Gately (Resiliency For Life) $4,447.00, James Kivlehan (FHSF) $4,189.00, Caroline DiCicco (Resiliency For Life) $4,026.00, Michael Pearson (FHSF) $4,002.00, Andrew McDonnell (United Way) $3,454.61, Amy Russo (United Way) $3,283.80, Steve Elefson (Resiliency For Life) $3,257.00, Thomas Begin (Resiliency For Life) $3,225.00, Robert Connolly (FHSF) $3,130.00, Chris Bogardus (Resiliency For Life) $3,055.00, Michael Dolan (Resiliency For Life) $2,837.00, Jonathan Chester (Resiliency For Life) $2,172.00, Andrew Chester (Resiliency For Life) $1,565.00

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: Phone: 508-315-7176

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