Framingham Restaurant To Lose Alcohol License for 7 Days

FRAMINGHAM – Just days after serving a 5-day suspension of its all-alcohol license, the Framingham License Commission voted unanimously tonight, July 9, to level a 7-day suspension against that same Framingham restaurant and bar for new violations.

LRT Food LLC, located a 2 Beacon Street, known as Angry Ham’s Grill will lose its all-alcohol license for seven days, sometime over the next 45 days, after the Commission voted 3-0 to accept a joint agreement between the owner of Angry Ham’s and the Framingham Police on the license suspension. Commissioners Cesar Monzon and Joao Paulo Freitas were not in attendance.

The restaurant served a 5-day all-alcohol license suspension between June 30 and July 4, by closing its establishment completely. The Commission leveled that suspension back in May.

The Commissioners were annoyed tonight that neither the owner of Angry Ham’s Mahesh Sharma,  nor its Manager Terrance Scott or Assistant Manager Tracy Evans attended tonight’s meeting and hearing.  A certified letter was sent to them notifying them of the hearing.

Framingham Police Lt. Mike Siaba testified tonight about an incident at Angry Ham’s on Saturday April 29.

At 11:54 p.m. that night, the “Framingham Police Department responded to a report of a fight at Angry Ham’s Grill (“AHG”). On scene, doorman David Lebrun reported he observed an intoxicated female at the bar area. Lebrun escorted the female outside to get some fresh air. The intoxicated female and her friend attempted to regain entry into the establishment and Lebrun prevented them from doing so,” said Lt. Siaba.

While “interacting with the two females, the friend of the intoxicated female struck Lebrun in the head with a rock, which resulted in injury to Lebrun,” said Lt. Siaba.

The friend of the intoxicated female was placed under arrest and charged with assault & battery with a dangerous weapon, Lt. Siaba told the Commissioners.

The intoxicated female was unable to care for herself and was placed in protective custody, said Lt. Siaba.

“It was determined that the intoxicated female consumed two gin & tonic alcoholic beverages as well as two or three beers while at the bar,” said Lt. Siaba.

He said her blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit at 0.21 percent.

The legal limit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is 0.08 percent.

They have had three violations this year, said Commissioner Tiel Wadland.

“When do we say enough is enough?” said Wadland.

“Seven days does seem on the shorter end,” said Commissioner Adam Barnosky.

Baronsky, who is chair of the 5-member Commission, did note that unlike the incident in January, that resulted in a 5-day suspension, Angry Ham’s “did do the right thing” with the April incident, and they “cooperated” with police.

However Lt. Siaba said that Angry Ham’s owner/management “didn’t learn from the first incident.” He said they still were “over serving.”
“The nature of the violations should play a role in determining the punishment,” said Barnosky. “I’m inclined to accept the (police) recommendation.”

Lt. Siaba told the Framingham License Commissioners that the April 29-April 30 event resulted in three alcohol license violations.

They were:

  1. Allowing an illegality to occur on premise
  2. Serving an intoxicated person
  3. Not all persons had identification cards certified bt Framingham Police.

Lt. Siaba said the owner and management agreed to a joint resolution on the issue that the Angry Ham’s liquor license would be suspended for 7 days, that the suspension would run consecutively, and that it take place within the next 45 days. Angry Ham’s agreed to pay the city a $300 investigation fee.

The Commission had the option tonight to accept the joint agreement between Angry Ham’s and Framingham Police for the 7-day suspension, or they could have leveled a different suspension.

They voted unanimously to accept the recommendation.

The Commission also voted 3-0 to request the owner and manager of Angry Ham’s appear at the next Commission meeting, to discuss violations of the alcohol license from happening again.





Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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