Framingham Mayor To Eliminate Her Senior Policy Advisor

FRAMINGHAM –  The Framingham City Council’s earlier this month told the Mayor she needs to eliminate one of two advisors from her office, by the end of Fiscal year 2018.

In January, Framingham Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer hired two of her campaign workers in newly-created positions, as her senior advisors. Neither position was a part of the new City of Framingham charter.

The City Council argued the Mayor did not have the authority to create the positions; and on June 5, they voted to eliminate one of the two positions from the Fiscal Year 2019 budget which starts July 1. The Council told the Mayor it was her choice on which of the two positions to eliminate.

Spicer hired Jacquetta Van Zandt as the senior advisor for external affairs. She was Spicer’s “scheduler” during the mayoral campaign. And the Mayor hired Nadia Ullman as her senior policy advisor.

Source has learned the Mayor will eliminate the senior policy advisory position, and today, June 29, will be Ullman’s last day.

The Mayor said after the vote June 5 to Source she was”disappointed” in the Council’s vote on her budget.

There were a total of nine applicants for the senior advisor for external affairs position, Van Zandt started on January 22, with a “starting rate of $41.22 or $80,382.12.”

There were a total of 5 applicants for the senior policy advisor position. Ullman  started in February, and works about 30 hours a week. Her hourly rate  was $42.05.

The Charter created a “Citizens Participation” position, and the City Council fully funded that position for the Mayor office in FY19.

It has yet to be advertised, as of today, June 29.





Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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