Framingham Looking To Make Permits Easier For Food Trucks

FRAMINGHAM — Operating a food truck in Framingham is harder than operating a food truck in any other community in MetroWest.

If a food truck wanted to operate in Marlborough, it would need a state hawkers license, and get a permit from the board of health.

But if a food truck wanted to operate in the City of Framingham, it would need its state hawkers license, and a City of Framingham hawkers license, before it could get a health permit.

Three businesses in the City – Exhibit A Brewing Company, Springdale Beer, and Eastleigh Farm – have said they had issues attracting and retaining food trucks due to the extra added regulations in the City of Framingham.

City Councilors, looking to make Framingham more business-friendly, voted Tuesday night tto start the process to eliminate the added “red tape” in the City.

The Mayor’s office, upon request of City Council Economic Development subcommittee chair Mike Cannon, submitted new revised rules to the Council, which would only require food trucks to obtain their Commonwealth of Massachusetts permit and pass a review by the Framingham Board of Health.

Currently, food trucks are required to be submitted to a background check with the police department, and basically duplicated all the requirments needed for the state license.

Next step in the process is for the City Council’s Economic Development subcommittee to review the proposed changes and make a recommendation to the full 11-memebr Council to vote on later this summer.

“What we’re doing is streamlining it where if they have a state permit. … All we would require at this level is a Board of Health check,” said Framingham Chief Operating Officer Thatcher Kezer III to Councilors on Tuesday night.

District 4 City Councilor Cannon said the current practice by the City of Framingham puts “a real barrier in place for these businesses and these events that wanted a food truck presence.”

He said any food truck that wanted to conduct business in Framingham had to do the same process twice – once for the state and once for the City of Framingham.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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