LETTER: State Needs To Act Before Another Tragedy Occurs on Route 9

Yesterday was a beautiful morning for a walk and as I was carefully crossing Route 9 at Prospect Street, I was again reminded the State has done nothing to improve safety since the latest tragedy.

During just the couple of minutes I was waiting for the walk light, I saw a car attempt to take a U-turn as they headed EASTBOUND and I watched a pedestrian cross in the middle of traffic about 100 yards up the street, climbing the guardrail by Walgreens.

Obviously people’s poor judgment can’t be legislated.

However, some of the basic fixes that I suggested after the last tragedy can be done to improve safety, yet nothing has happened.

When the walk light is on, there is still a green light from the exit of the commercial buildings.

There is no signage at all that reminds drivers that it is illegal to turn on red during the walk cycle introducing cars and pedestrians into the intersection simultaneously.

At night the lighting is terrible.

Compare the lighting on the High Street ramp on Route 9 to the Prospect Street intersection, it is literally night and day.

Increasing the walk cycle by just a few seconds would assure people clear the full intersection before traffic moves again.

As someone active in government and on the City Council I find it frustrating to be able to have such little impact. I know the State needs time to redesign intersections, but quick and relatively inexpensive fixes must happen now.

This is a State issue, and we need to make sure they act before another tragedy occurs.

George King

At-Large Framingham City Councilor

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

Susan Petroni Framingham Source Editor Email: editor@FraminghamSource.com Phone: 508-315-7176

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