SLIDESHOW: Cameron 7th Graders Win Spelling Bee

FRAMINGHAM – The finals of the 5th Annual Middle School Spelling Bee included a team of sixth grade boys from Walsh Middle School, a 7th grade team of girls from Cameron Middle School, and a team of 8th grade girls, who were the defending champions of the spelling bee.

The Cougarettes (Emma Rothwell,Lily Rubin, and Martine Schwan) won the 4th Annual Spelling Bee as 7th graders.

After the Geniuses from Walsh were knocked out of the finals, it came down to the two Cameron teams to decide the winner.

For the second year in a row, a seventh grade team from Cameron took the trophies. The winner word was mischievous.

The winners were Nilufar Noorian, Lily Novak, and Ruby Guillaume.

The master of ceremonies for the spelling bee was Rep. Jack Lewis.

Framingham High English Department Chair Will Cook served as the official judge for the Homework Center’s Spelling Bee.

Mayor Yvonne Spicer introduced each of the spelling teams. She told the middle school students, she once won a spelling bee in elementary school.

The Spelling Bee is hosted and organized by the Framingham Public Library’s Homework Center. Executive Director Judy Gatlin works with a student advisory board to organize the event.

Member of the student advisory board are Sam Breault, Julia Maria Dias, Sebastien Dillis, Ella Downey, Gwynn Downey, Nayimi Ferreira, Paige Fisher, Noorian,  Rahul Krishnan, Rohan Krishnan, Adam Levine, Hannah Levine, Isabella Petroni, Rothwell, Schwan, Neha Senthil, Akin Shah, Ayushi Shirke, Varun Tekur, and Mackenzie Verdini.

Fuller Middle School and Walsh Middle School submitted four teams to the spelling Bee. The Christa McAuliffe Charter School and Cameron Middle each sibmitted two teams.

Walsh has yet to win the Spelling Bee. students from the McAuliffe Charter School won the first two spelling bees, Fuller students won the third annual spelling bee, and Cameron has now won the last two spelling bees.

The following students also participated in the 5th Annual Spelling Bee:

The Geniuses: Nate Fiala, Devin Cox, Max Hurowitz and Nate Fuoss

The Speedy Spellers: Anish Chhabra, Sean Memmott, and Andrea Kaluuma

The Spelling Bees: Jess Garcia, Julia Ottaviani, and Talia Goldvasser

The Belling Spees: Jacob Erlandson, Zach Trotterman, and Tyler Knox

The Bee-Rillants: Lila Wolf-Wagner, Ella P’an, and Matthew Koltenuk

McAuliffe 7th graders: Chloe Mills, Sam Steenbruggen, and Renee Coutinno

ABC Cant Catch Me: Aidan Bach, Geriangelina Rosa, and Aaliyah Vega

Phonetically Fantastic Fuller Falcons: Ashley Hochen-Ponce, Winter Gardner, and Andry Nasief

Honey B’s: Indhira Bridgelal, Joaquin Erasquin, and Matt Laudares

Wil Spel Gud: Rachel Neiberger, Nanda Ray, and Olivia Nason.

Editor’s Note: In full transparency, my daughter is on the Homework Center’s student advisory board.


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