VIDEO: Fuller Show Choir Earns Gold Medal at Great East Festival

FRAMINGHAM – Fuller Middle School’s show choir earned a gold medal at the Great East Festival, over the weekend.

This was Fuller’s debut at the festival.

“The Great East Festival really is a way for the kids to experience a competitive environment with a focus on the educational aspect of performance. Cameron was there to watch and learn as it is the first year of their program. Fuller’s program has existed for 3 years,” said Fuller choir director Max¬†Evrard.

“The kids had a great time,” said Evrard. “And Fuller winning the gold medal was amazing for the kids and myself.”

Schools do not compete against each other for gold, silver or bronze medals, but rather earn points. There are no set limit to the numbers of gold, silver, bronze awards.

The choir, when performing, earns points in five categories –¬†Tone/Intonation, Technique, Musicianship, Overall Effectiveness, and Staging/Choreography, explained Evrard.

“We had a clinician work with us after our performance, which was super valuable for the kids,” said Evrard. “It’s great to for them hear a voice, other than mine.

Fuller’s show choir performed selections from Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

Members of the show choir at Fuller Middle are: Maripoz Ramos, Megan DiPasquale, Skylai Levy, Matthew Schneider, Joaquin Erasquin, Aidan Bach, Anita Umsirwatthana, Olivia Nason, Katie Najarian, Anna Luciano, Ellie Gelardi, Abby Mello, Abby Fishman, Bailey Turner, Lorelai Christian, Mackenzie Jones, Saemi Guzman and Emily Tiger.


Video courtesy of Kristen Nason


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