Oregon Road Water Replacement Project To Start in Ashland

ASHLAND – Next week, work will begin on Oregon Road to replace the water pipe.

The contractor is obtaining materials for the project, and is scheduled to mobilize to the site today, May 14.

Installation of an above ground temporary pipe along the edge of the roadway, will begin next week.

This will be utilized as a temporary water pipe that will provide water to each house, while the 8-inch diameter water main is being replaced.

The contractor will install gravel or pavement mounds over the pipe as it crosses driveways.

Once the above ground pipe installation is completed and ready to provide water to the houses, the contractor and the Town will need to enter your house to connect a temporary 1-inch water service hose to your interior plumbing system at the water meter. They will make contact with each home occupant to schedule a time, preferably in the morning to make the connection. The connection in the house will require your water to be shut off for a short duration, possibly 5-10 minutes.

A notice will be handed out in the coming weeks prior to entry into the houses, further explaining the information regarding the temporary hose connection and use.

The important item with the temporary hose is to run the water for a minute or so, to allow fresh water to enter the house. You will feel the water temperature decrease as you run it, this is removing the water in the aboveground 1-inch diameter hose that is warm due to the sun.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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