UPDATED: C3 Wins 15th Annual Framingham High Poetry Slam

FRAMINGHAM – Team C³ won the 15th Annual Framingham High Poetry Slam last night at Amazing Things Arts Center in downtown Framingham.

The team was comprised of three women, whose name starts with the letter C. They are seniors Catherine Giorgetti, Cleopatra Mavhunga, and Cassidy Slamin.

C³ was one of seven teams to compete in the finals last night, April 25.

A “slam” is a competition between teams of poets, who perform their own original work, bringing poetry off the page and onto the stage in a gloves-off, no-holds-barred verbal boxing match.

A total of 25 poets performed last night, but more than 300 Framingham High seniors competed in the previous rounds.

C³ won the title with 115.3 points over four rounds in last night’s finals.

Be Tenacious finished in second place with 113.5 points. Team members were Agnes Kyei, Baby Lenga Kalemba, and Khayel Francois.

The team of Tax Free Tampons finished third with 110.4 points. Team members were Alex Magee, Jerry MacDonald, Kyle Stamm, and Symphony Shea.

C³ won the first round with 28.6 points and round 2 with 29,8 points. Be Tenacious won round 3 with 29.5 points, but C³ won the fourth round with 28.8 points.

“I have always found poetry a little difficult to connect with. I never really liked writing poetry either. But when it came time for the poetry slam, I was excited to write poems that we would be performing,” said Catherine Giorgetti.

“I really connect with the performance aspect of the poetry slam, and it really helped me with connecting with poetry as well,” said Giorgetti, who is a part of the award-winning Framingham High drama company.

“Writing poetry has always been a form of therapy and escape through some tough times, and performing is one of the largest aspects of my personality and life,”” said Mavhunga, who is also a member of the award-winning drama company. The poetry slam has given me the opportunity to combine both, and to do so with two people whom I respect and love very much for their creativity, love, talent, and endless support.”

“I’ve been looking forward to the poetry slam since freshman year. I think its a great opportunity for us all to come together as a senior class and showcase all the hard work we have put in. This isn’t about it being a competition; its about creating something great and something with meaning,” said Cassidy Slamin.

“I also love watching the slam because I get to see people I used to know, people I don’t know, and people I kind of know, embrace who they are through poetry that they wrote.,” said Giorgetti to Source last night. “I was really inspired tonight because everyone seemed to be in their element and the audience and other poets were incredibly supportive. I felt connected to the people we were with, and it was a great way to start the end of senior year.”

“Seeing how other people took words and crafted vivid stories at last nights slam was nothing less than inspiring. To see the different experiences people have underwent in an an art form where every word means a thousand more left me in awe,” said Mavhunga.

“Even though we are graduating in a few weeks and we will all become absorbed in the life of college and the future, we can look back on the poetry slam and I will always remember working with my friends and performing, which is really difficult for me, and sending an important message with our poems,” said Slamin.

Framingham High School librarian Alison Courchesne started the slam in her senior English class 15 years ago.

“I never imagined that it would grow to become an FHS tradition.  Now, the senior poetry slam feels like a rite of passage to the students and teachers of FHS,” said Courchesne.

The slam is sponsored by the Framingham Education Foundation and the Framingham High PTBO.


Photo courtesy of Amazing Things Arts Center

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