UPDATED: Mayor Reverses Statement; Framingham Traffic Commissioners Will Have Staggered Terms

UPDATED: Report was updated Thursday morning with quote from Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll.


FRAMINGHAM  – The four members of the public appointed to the Framingham Traffic Commission by the Framingham Mayor will have staggered terms.

Last week, the City Council unanimously approved the four individuals appointed by Mayor Yvonne Spicer.

At the City Council meeting the Mayor said all four individuals would serve 3 years terms.

The Framingham City Charter calls for staggered terms for the Traffic Commissioners to start, and then 3-year subsequent terms if re-appointed.

However, in a memo dated Monday, but sent Tuesday afternoon to the 11-member City Council, Spicer has changed her statement and said the new four appointees to the Framingham Traffic Commission will serve staggered terms.

  • Steven P. Croci, from District 8, will serve as the downtown representative for a 2-year term.
  • Mary Ann Flaherty, an at-large Commissoner will serve a 1-year term
  • Daniel T. Phipps, the business community representative, will serve a 3-year term
  • Bruce N. Yeamans, an at-large Commissoner will serve a 1-year term

“The situation is unfortunate,” said At-Large City Councilor Cheryl Tully Stoll, who chairs the Council’s appointment subcommittee. “The subcommittee was aware of the staggered terms – we even discussed the term length with one of the applicants. I did gently bring this up to the Mayor during our full Council meeting, but she had her mind set. It wasn’t an issue worth a public disagreement. It’s getting resolved.”

The Charter calls for the Framingham Traffic Commission to be comprised of “the police chief, the fire chief, the director of public works, the superintendent of schools, or their designees, and four residents: one from the business community, one from the downtown area (defined as the area within a one-mile radius of the intersection of Routes 126 and 135), and two residents at-large. All resident members shall be appointed by the mayor.”

The Mayor was late in naming her Traffic Commissioners. They were supposed to be named within 60 days of the inauguration on January 1, per the charter.

The Mayor announced her four names for the Commission on March 20, 80 days after the inauguration.

The Charter states “The traffic commission established by Article V, section 6 of this charter shall be appointed by the mayor within sixty (60) days upon the assumption of office; the initial terms of office shall be arranged such that the member representing the business community shall serve for three (3) years, the members representing the downtown area shall serve for two (2) years, and the residents at-large shall serve for one (1) year. Following the completion of such terms, their successors shall serve three year terms. Municipal officers or their designees serving on the commission are permanent members.”


Screenshot of the City of Framingham website last week after the Council approval of the Commissioners.


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