Framingham School Committee Votes Not To Deny A Lunch To Any Student

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham School Committee unanimously voted tonight, April 25 not to deny a lunch to any student in the public school district.

The district had an unwritten policy, not to deny a lunch to any elementary student, but middle and high school students who had a deficit balance were denied lunch.

Some middle and high school students were denied a lunch with a negative balance of less than $1.50. Other students have balances owing as much as $10.

The School Committee voted 9-0 to institute a “meal policy at the middle schools and high school, which is the same as that in effect in the elementary schools, to the degree that no student is denied a single, reimbursable lunch meal or single reimbursable breakfast meal at school (a la carte items/snacks that are not part of the USDA Program, however, are not included).”

Under this new policy, all students in grades K-12, who do not have money to pay for a lunch will still receive a lunch.

The policy also puts some rules on how students who have a deficit in their meal account are treated.

“No middle or high school student will be made aware of a negative meal account balance in the checkout process, nor singled out nor treated in any different way from students with positive meal account balances.”

The School Committee also requested its policy subcommittee review the matter to come up with recommendations for a permanent policy for the 2018-19 school year and beyond.

Framingham Public Schools Executive Director of Business and Operations Ed Gotgart  said about 350 middle and high school students have negative balances as of today, April 25.

He said in the elementary schools, the current negative balance for students who have no paid for lunches is more than $25,000.

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