UPDATED: Unlicensed Dog Attacks, and Kills, Small Dog at Callahan State Park

Updated on Monday morning, April 23 at 11:05 a.m. Last updated at 4:20 p.m.

4:20 p.m. – BREAKING – The owner of the black lab mix dog, that killed the small dog, is meeting with their vet to euthanize the dog, according to Framingham Police.


FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Animal Control is investigating a dog killed at Callahan State Park Sunday afternoon by another dog.

Framingham Police Lt. Patricia Grigas said animal control was called to the state-owned park just before the shift change at 4 p.m. for a report of a “dog fight.”

The President of the Callahan Dog Owners group announced on social media that one of the dogs died from that incident.

Lt. Grigas said Monday morning the dog killed was a 16-year old Shih Tzu. The owner is not from Framingham.

She said the dog that killed the Shih Tzu was a black lab mix, that was 2 1/2 years old owned by a Framingham man. Lt. Grigas said the dog was not licensed. Animal control cited the owner for having an unlicensed dog, said Lt. Grigas.

That dog is now in a 10-day quarantine, said Lt. Grigas.

The Police spokesperson said based on animal control’s report, both dogs were unleashed at the time of the attack.

Police are not releasing the names of the owners, at this time.

At this time, Framingham Police do not know if their have been complaints about the attacking dog in the past. Animal control is still investigating.

Katherine Kalutskata Beltran, and her children, witnesses the attack. She spoke to Source tonight, April 22.

“We were hiking and arrived to the doggie park. We have 5 little ones, and we sat down at the picnic table by the pond to have some snacks,” said Beltran.

She said her 9-year old loves dogs so she was walking around the park with their white tan Pomeranian called Misha.

She said “this big black dog approached her and the owner started talking to her.”

Beltran said his big black dog was not leashed.

She said the dog “came over to our table, and started sniffing and marking the tree next to us.”

“My 2 year old and 3 year old girls tried patting him, but I didn’t like his body language, and didn’t let them,” said Beltran. “The owner assured us he was friendly.”

Beltran said moments later that big black dog “attacked a little fluffy white dog.”

“The owners intervened and were able to get him, and he kept panting,” she said. “The little white dog was leashed, and even escaped with his red leash.”

The owner of the big black dog leashed their dog, she said.

She said the two owners exchanged words, and the other owner left holding their little white dog.

“New dogs arrived, there was a group of three big ones, and a dog just slightly smaller than our Pomeranian,” said Beltran. “That little white dog and ours started to get acquainted (he was on a leash) and my daughter was with them.”

“All of a sudden,” the big black dog “came to sniff the little white dog, and attacked him, as his owner was trying to pull him away with the leash,” said Beltran to Source. “My daughter thought our dog was getting attacked, everyone started screaming and crying in panic. Then we saw our dog was unharmed, and that’s when we saw the black dog, shaking the little white one as a rag, until he was ripped open, and dropped him off. His owner tried to get him off, but couldn’t, and it was too late.”

Beltran said her children were in shock and just kept crying for the small dog, who was “laying on the field lifeless, with its eyes wide open.”

Animal Control was then called.

This is the second traumatic dog incident for Beltran’s two oldest girls. She said they just got over the death of their puppy, who was hit by a car on Potter Road, “by a woman who was on her phone.”

DCR oversees Callahan State Park. Dogs should be on leash at DCR properties, but it does allow dogs to be off-leash on some properties. DCR allows dogs to be off-leash on designated trails at Callahan State Park.

Framingham State Rep. Jack Lewis told Source he has been in touch with DCR this morning, April 23, and is working on setting up a meeting. He said he also has spoken to City Council Chair Dennis Giombetti and District 3 Councilor Adam Steiner about the issue.


Photo courtesy of Katherine Kalutskata Beltran

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