2018 Salute Student Honoree: Cleopatra Mavhunga

Editor’s Note: Annually at the Salute to Framingham, members of the senior class are honored. Framingham Source will profile the 25 student honorees between now and graduation in June.

The students were selected by the high school and the profiles written by Framingham High staffers.

Cleopatra did not attend the ceremony, as she was participating in the state’s drama festival in Boston. Photo from one of her high school performances courtesy of Petroni Media Company.



Cleopatra Mavhunga
Framingham High Class of 2018

Cleo is a deep thinker, a gifted performer and a natural leader.

She has a broad curiosity across many subjects, and she has pursued challenging course work ad independent research.

Cleo is a gifted performer with the Framingham High School Drama Company and Fusion dance team.

She is civically active, having written and argued bills in Model Congress, for which she was co-president. She acted as a youth advisor for Mayor Spicer’s campaign.

She memorably explained the meaning of intersectional feminism to the entire Framingham High School community on Flyer News.

Cleo is a self-assured and confident young woman who is a powerful role model for others – young and old alike – to speak their minds.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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