LETTER: Marian ‘Is A Family That Does Not Want To Be Torn Apart’

Editor: This letter to the Marian High School Board of Trustees was submitted to Framingham Source as a letter to the editor

Dear Marian High School Board Of Trustees,

My name is Carmela Silvia and I am a freshman here at Marian High School.

Marian means so much to me and I hate that fact that I only had one year here.

It was my dream to graduate from Marian and now unless we as a community can come together, that dream will not come true, not just for me, but for so many others.

So for a moment here, I would like to list all of the experiences that I will never get to have here at Marian High School after this year unless something better is done.

I will never get to…
Know what it’s like being a sophomore, junior, or senior
Play goalie on the soccer team
Be in another Christmas Musical
Senior Privileges
Be in a Festival Musical
Be in the Spring Musical
Take all honors classes
Experience different teacher’s teaching styles
Do a science fair
Walk down the hallways
Each lunch with my friends
Be with my friends
Play sports with my friends
Key Club
Senior Pictures
Be released at 1:45
See most of my friends again
Attend a class reunion
Walk to Dunkin after school
Go to Bethany’s
Go to Cradles To Crayons with my class
Go on retreats
Graduate from Marian
Wear the uniforms (they are not that bad)
See most of the teachers ever again
Be in the choir
Take Italian
Laugh with my friends in the hallways
Make memories
Sophomore Semi
Play softball
Be a team captain
Be a Marian Alum
Have second floor for lockers
Feel as safe as I have ever felt in my entire life in a school
Spend time with my Marian family
Be a Marian Mustang

These are just some of the experiences that will be taken away from happening if Marian closes.

Marian is truly the first school that I have ever been to that I feel fully welcome and safe in.

Having all of us students to transfer for next year means breaking many bonds between each other.

Marian is not only a school and a community, but it is a family, a family that does not want to be torn apart.

People may say that it is not as hard for the freshman class to leave and they may be right but that does not change the fact that hundreds of newly formed bonds are being broken, not only with each other but with the school itself.

All that I am asking to come from the Board Of Trustees is your support while we fight for our school and our family to stay alive.

Thank you.
Carmela Silvia
Marian High Class of 2021

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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