LETTER: In Short Period, Marian Went From Financial Sound To Closing Its Doors Why?

Ask anybody in the Marian High School community, and they will tell you, Marian is not just a High School: it is a family.


That seems biased coming from the Senior Class President, but I would not say it if I didn’t firmly believe it.


Less than 30 hours ago the Marian family was shaken to their core.


After 61 years of community building, we were abruptly told via email that Marian would be indefinitely closed.


It saddens the students to know that future students will never know the heartwarming love that radiates through the Marian hallways every day. However, our hope has been restored.


Marian parents met with the Board of Directors tonight.


The passion and fight that we have all seen alive in the student body over the past 30 hours proved to be alive in the parents as well.


It appears that the faculty and parents were as shocked, angry and disappointed as the students and few were shy to voice their frustration regarding the lack of communication and transparency.


The Board came prepared with nothing but the fact that only 16 kids have enrolled for the class of 2022 and had concluded that the MetroWest community has no interest in attending a Catholic school.


Furthermore, it was quite clear from the cry out of parents in the auditorium tonight that the frustration stems from the fact that they were assured back in September that Marian High School was financially sound.


The confusion lies in the fact that the school went from financially sound to closing the doors permanently in such a short period of time.


The good news is that the Board is open to hearing fundraising ideas from now until June.


Although the Board refused to discuss numbers or budgets, upon hearing the hypothetical question of, “If 60 Freshman were enrolled would we be having this discussion tonight?”


The answer from the Board was an overwhelmingly firm and clear, “NO!”


Another shout out was followed, “So we would need 44 more kids to enroll who will pay the full tuition of $11,000 … we are talking about $495,000 gap to keep the doors open?”.  to which the Board Member nodded and moved along.


Just when we thought we couldn’t be shocked anymore, it was hard to believe that the gap of such a small dollar amount would end up closing such an iconic institution that has been around for 61 years.


We as students are desperate for the community leaders, the Archdiocese, alumni, politicians, and neighbors to step in and help this school that we all love and value so much.


I understand the tough position that the Board is in and I know that this decision was not made easily.


This recap is not meant to cause disrespect, but, if my four years at this school has taught me anything, it’s that you have to take a stand for what you believe in.


Grace Kelly Griffin,
Class President
Marian High Class of 2018.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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