Team Framingham Closing In On The $350,000 Fundraising Mark

FRAMINGHAM – This year, the 22 runners selected for Team Framingham has raised almost $75,000.

Each runner, selected in a lottery in December 2017, is tasked with raising a minimum of $1,500 but with a goal of $3,000 for their selected charity.

In December 2017, five organizations were selected by a lottery to be recipients of fundraising dollars from the 22 Team Framingham runners. Each runner selected one organization to raise money for. Resiliency for Life has 8 runners, Hoops and Homework 7 runners, Framingham High School Foundation four runners, United Way’s Call2Talk 2 runners and the Framingham Adult ESL program one runner.

In the last 5 years, Team Framingham runners have raised $343,895.39 for their organizations.

  • Bree Cunningham (raising money for Hoops & Homework) is leading the 22 runners with $8,219.00
  • Michelle Gibson (Adult ESL) is in second place with $6,364.00
  • Diana Linn (Hoops) $6,066.00 is third and Priscila Sousa (Hoops) with $5,175.00 is in fourth place.
  • Joe Kynoch (Hoops) is fifth with $3,777.00 and Deb Dauley (FHSF) $3,775.00 is sixth.

Other fundraising totals are James Kivlehan (FHSF) $3,746.00, Elise Gately (Resiliency For Life) $3,670.00, Jeffrey Beling (Hoops) $3,496.00, Michael Pearson (FHSF) $3,481.00, Mark Nickerson (Hoops) $3,263.00, Megan Bubello (Hoops) $3,075.00, Amy Russo (United Way) $2,931.80, Robert Connolly (FHSF) $2,729.00, Chris Bogardus (Resiliency For Life) $2,680.00, Steve Elefson (Resiliency For Life) $2,411.00, Thomas Begin (Resiliency For Life) $2,370.00, Andrew McDonnell (United Way) $2,308.60, Michael Dolan (Resiliency For Life) $2,152.00, Caroline DiCicco (Resiliency For Life) $1,881.00, Jonathan Chester (Resiliency For Life) $817.00, Andrew Chester (Resiliency For Life) $560.00

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