Boston Marathon Runner Profile: Deb Dauley Running For Framingham High School Foundation

Editor’s Note: Framingham Source is profiling runners participating in the 2018 Boston Marathon. If you would like to be profiled, email before April 10.
Deb Dauley

Hometown: Framingham


Team Framingham Member: Yes
Is this your first marathon? If not how many? My 4th
Is this your first Boston Marathon? If not when did you run your first BAA marathon? I ran in 2016 with Team Framingham. This is my second marathon.
Why run Boston? It’s an amazing experience!
Which charity are you raising money for? Framingham High School Foundation  Team Framingham is one of their only fundraising opportunities and every student deserves a choice for an after school activity to help them grow and learn

How did you first get into running? I used to race walk in my twenties, running saved time and it became more exciting to see my stamina increase as I went along


Why do you like to run? It clears my head and feels like I’ve accomplished something


What is your goal for the 2017 Boston Marathon? To finish without injury


Tell me something about your training for the marathon: looking at the overall training schedule is overwhelming. I just have to take it one day at a time

How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run? I think about people who can’t run. I think about the victims of the marathon bombings and the grueling rehab that they went through, I think about the Suau family and a friend of mine who lost their 17-year-old son, I think about our veterans and if all these people can put one foot in front of the other then so can I.


What is your favorite pre-running meal? Oatmeal with peanut butter, bananas and blueberries


What shoes will you wear on Marathon day? Saucony Echelon. A shout out to Marathon Sports for fitting me with the right shoes!


Will you wear anything personal or symbolic the day of the 2018 Boston Marathon? My Team Framingham shirt and a Wellesley College hat. I’m not an alumnus, but my husband has worked there for over 40 years. Those women know how to high five!

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