City of Framingham Postpones Economic Development Meeting Until April

The following is a press release from the Mayor’s office. It is published as received.


FRAMINGHAM –  The City of Framingham is very excited to announce the kickoff of Phase One of the Economic Development Plan (“P1-EDP”). The efforts of the P1-EDP are a result of the 2012/2014 Master Land Use Plan (completely revised by the Planning Board in 2012, updated in 2014), which were supported by Town Meeting in 2016. The P1-EDP is focused on data and background collection in order to provide proper guidance for future economic development and land use opportunities throughout Framingham. The City of Framingham has contracted RKG Associates, Inc. (RKG), a company with extensive experience and expertise with respect to municipal strategic planning, market research, and land use practices.

 Who is RKG Associates, Inc.

RKG Associates, Inc. is a dynamic company that provides professional consulting expertise with a diverse portfolio of private, public, and institutional clients across the nation. RKG Associates, Inc. was an integral player on the Central Business (CB) District Transit Oriented Development (TOD) team, Exit 13 Golden Triangle Study team, and other local studies. As experts in the field, RKG Associates, Inc. has successfully completed advisory, planning, and strategic consulting to real estate, land use, economic development, finance, and market research. RKG Associates, Inc. (2017) is “proud that most of the assignments for which we have been engaged are projects that are built… projects that happen… projects that work… with tangible results measured in terms of new jobs, new investments, expanded tax bases or new master plans based on strong community consensus.”

 The Project and What to Expect
The P1-EDP is expected to run for approximately six months (February/March – July/August). There will be two community meetings where RKG and municipal staff will present the project and/or the project findings. In addition to the efforts of RKG Associates, municipal staff will be working with the Framingham community through public outreach, meetings, surveys, events, and social media.


Project Kick-off

  • February 20, 2018, the Mayor, municipal staff, and RKG Associates all met to commence the P1-EDP.
  • April 4, 2018, P1-EDP Community Presentation, Number One will be held at 7:00pm in Nevins Hall.

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