Mayor’s Office Advertises For 2 Framingham Planning Board Members; Mahoney Will Not Seek Appointment

FRAMINGHAM – Today, February 27, the Mayor’s office began advertising for two City of Framingham Planning Board members.

On Friday, Framingham Source published a report that the Planning Board meeting on Feb. 22 had to be canceled due to a lack of quorum.

The normally, five-member Board, has had only two members since the death of Stephanie Mercandetti in mid-January, and on Thursday two of the four members were sick. Three members are needed for a meeting to be held.

On Friday, the Mayor, through her spokesperson, told Source “Ms. Mercandetti’s passing has had a tremendous impact on Framingham. There would have been two vacant seats up for re-election in April of 2018, we are preparing to advertise the two open seats for the Planning Board in the near future.”

Mercandetti’s term would have ended in April 2018.

Thomas Mahoney, the longest-serving member of the Framingham Planning Board, told Source tonight he does not plan to re-apply for the Board. He was first elected to the Planning Board in 1999, and has served as chair multiple times.

Planning Board Chair Christine Long was re-elected to a 3-year term on the Planning Board in 2017. The elected terms for Board members Lew Colten and Victor Ortiz end in 2019.

Under the City form of Government, the Mayor appoints Planning Board members. They were elected when Framingham was a Town.

According to the posting on the City’s website today, February 27, the Planning Board is responsible for, but not limited to the following activities:

  • Review of applications for development and land use projects. Such project applications include Site Plan Review, Special Permit, Approval Not Required (ANR), Preliminary Subdivision, Definitive Subdivision, Scenic Roadway Modification, Public Way Access Permit
  • Maintenance, review, and amendments to the Master Land Use Plan, Subdivision Rules & Regulations, Planning Board Rules and Regulations, and Zoning By-Laws/Ordinances, in addition to other land use plans
  • Development of planning studies related to all land use, transportation, housing, economic development.

Those seeking membership on the Planning Board should possess a diverse background that demonstrates experience in land use activities and an understanding of zoning. At a minimum, candidates should have an understanding and/or working knowledge of the following:

  • Zoning by-laws/ordinances, land use policies, and the application thereof
  • Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.)
  • Construction, engineering, architecture, zoning, permitting, and/or land use policies;

Candidates for the Planning Board should be interested in the proper development and redevelopment of Framingham to ensure proper growth of the community. Proper growth should be achieved by:

  • Employing best practices in land use policies and zoning ordinances
  • Working collaboratively and cooperatively with both commercial and residential landowners, business owners and the public on land use proposals and applications, and
  • Maintaining a level of balanced development throughout Framingham.

The City of Framingham Planning Board holds weekly meetings Thursdays at 7 p.m.  When zoning by-laws are proposed, the Planning Board may meet twice a week to accommodate the existing work load of applications.

The applicants should expect to be appointed as of April 5, 2018

Interested applicants, should apply for the Framingham Planning Board by visiting the City of Framingham website.


After the application process closes, the Mayor will select a candidate to replace Mercandetti and submit that person’s name to the 11-member Framingham City Council.

The City Council has 30 days to approve the candidate.

The Council most likely would send any name for possible appointment to the Planning Board to its subcommittee on appointments. That subcommittee would likely review the candidate, and take a vote to either recommend or not recommend the full Council support the candidate.

Six votes of the 11-member City Council is needed to approve a mayoral appointment to a committee or board.

If the Council takes no action, with 30 days after the name is submitted, the individual is automatically approved.

Candidates for the Planning Board should be interested in the proper development and redevelopment of Framingham to ensure proper growth of the community. Proper growth should be achieved by:


Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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