Keene Siblings, Fortin, and Horblit Score Points for Flyers Alpine Ski Team

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham High Alpine Ski team continues to race despite the varied temperatures and snow conditions of New England.

A damp and drizzly night of Slalom racing was a successful night for Framingham senior captain Jacklyn Keane, but proved to be very challenging for the boys.

Keane finished in 18th place earning 31 points for the Flyers with a time of 38.59. She earned 27 points in her second run, down the hill.

Keane is now ranked 28th overall in the ski league.

The course was tight and rhythmic, but it was very fast going in to the combinations, said coach Roni Sue Bower.

Many girls did not survive and crashed or were disqualified before coming to the finish, she said.

Keane bobbled, but stayed survived to the finish line, said Bower.

The boys did not fair as well, she added.

Junior Ben Fortin finished 32nd overall and earned 17 points for the Flyers.

Seniors Michael Horblit and Ben Westervelt just missed earning points, said Bower.

Many of the younger racers on the team faced a slalom course for the first time, said Bower.

“Although they didn’t finish in the rankings, they were successful in the fact that they completed the course,” said Bower. “It was something to smile about as they saw many top racers fall to the quick turning course.”

Last week in the frigid temperatures, Fortin had a spectacular run on the very turny giant slalom course, said Bower. He finished 17th overall with 93 competitors.

“Even though the course was not as straight as usual Ben was able to find a faster line,” said Bower.

He finished the course in 32.01 seconds.

Sophomore Andrew Keane also had a successful run with a time of 32.85, which earned him 24 points.

Senior Horblit also scored points for the Flyers with 7 points.

Overall the boys earned a total of 63 points.

Senior Westervelt, sophomore Will Stelmach, sophomore Ben Pollak, senior Sam Abramson, Aidan Fernando raced very well in the JV Giant Slalom race.

Ben Westervelt finished 22nd overall and the others were in the top 75, said Bower.

There were 110 racers overall.

“They faired very well and having more opportunities to compete is helping them improve,” said Bower. “I am very pleased with the success of the team. Currently both the boys and girls are in 9th place in the league. This is very good considering with are in the most competitive ski league in the state.”

The boys are ahead of Milton, Newton North and Easton in the standings.

The girls are ahead of Easton, Ursuline, and Milton in the standings.

The next race for Flyers is Thursday, Feb. 8 at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury. Slalom racing starts at 7 p.m.


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