City of Framingham Advertising For Deputy Health Director

FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham is advertising for a Deputy Health Director.

The full time position is listed with a salary of $93,706. The position was posted on the City’s website on January 31. No deadline was listed for applying, but typically job postings stay up for 30 days.

The person would be responsible for “planning, managing, implementing all programs and intervention to address public health needs of the community.”

He or she would function ” as the head of the department in the absence of the Director of Public Health.”

Sam Wong was hired as the Director of Public Health for the then-Town of Framingham in the summer of 2017 at $118,000.

This is a new position that did not exist with the Town of Framingham.

The employee is part of the senior leadership team of the City government and the department. The employee is expected to lead, manage, and guide departmental staff. The work consists of communication, coordination, discussion, and relationship building with other city departments and external stakeholders. Employee is expected to use excellent communication skills and effective coordination to achieve departmental goals, according to the job description posted.

The indivdual would communicate “constantly with co-workers, supervisors, other city employees, the public, and external groups and/or individuals such as civic
leaders, peers from other organizations, representatives of professional organizations, and the news media. The employee may serve as a spokesperson or recognized authority of the department in program-related subjects, including controversial matters where tact is required to avoid friction and obtain cooperation.”

The job description said the “nature of work increases the probability that errors could be serious. Consequences of errors, missed deadlines, or poor judgment may include delay of departmental progress, loss of grant fund or other financial resources, and legal repercussions.”

According to the posted job description, the essential functions or duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various type of work that may be performed:
1. Assists the Director on all departmental programs and operations.
2. Supervises all departmental staff.
3. Manages all financial aspects of the department, including budgeting, expenditure, and revenue. Explores new revenue streams to fulfill the mission of the department.
4. Guides departmental staff on administrative, professional, and technical matters.
5. Works closely with other City departments and external partners to further public health goals.
6. Shares and disseminates existing and collected data to internal and external audiences.
7. Advises the Mayor and the City administration on public health topics.
8. Monitor progresses, goals, and objectives of all grant-funded programs. Maintains regular contact with staff and grantors.
9. Serves as a public health educator by conducting seminars, lectures, and other public forums.
10. Maintains knowledge and expertise in relevant areas of public health and changes in pertinent public health laws and regulations.
11. Assists and participates in the organization and development of the department’s strategic planning process, accreditation, organizational improvement strategies, assessments and evaluations, and emergency preparedness programs.
12. Participates in public health programs in the community as required.

Applicants must have a “Master’s degree in public health or a closely related field, and 7 to 10 years’ professional experience in a public health setting; or any equivalent combination of education and experience.”

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