Gubernatorial Candidate Gonzalez: ‘Wynn Cannot Be Allowed To Run A Casino In Massachusetts’

FRAMINGHAM – Democratic candidate for governor Jay Gonzalez (pictured) issued a statement saying “Steve Wynn cannot be allowed to run a casino in Massachusetts.”

Gonzalez, one of three Democrats challenging Republican Governor Charlie Baker for the seat in November said in a statement “In light of the horrific stories of sexual assault and misconduct being told by many women who worked for Steve Wynn, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission should take immediate action to ensure that Wynn divests and disassociates himself from the casino being built in Everett.”

He added “The Commission has a duty to consider the honesty, good character and overall reputation of those who operate casinos in our state.  Steve Wynn’s reputation absolutely and unequivocally disqualifies him from operating a casino. If Wynn is not disassociated in all ways from the company licensed to build and operate a casino in Massachusetts, the Gaming Commission should revoke the license.”

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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