UPDATED: Framingham Mayor Hires Campaign Workers As Her 2 Senior Advisors

FRAMINGHAM – City of Framingham Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer has hired two of her campaign workers in newly-created positions, as her senior advisors. Neither position was a part of the new City of Framingham charter.

Spicer hired Jacquetta Van Zandt (pictured in the photo on the left) as the senior advisor for external affairs. She was Spicer’s “scheduler” during the mayoral campaign.

Spicer hired Nadia Ullman as her senior policy advisor (pictured in the photo on the right).

Framingham Source requested last Friday from the City of Framingham’s human resources director the number of applicants for each of the two positions, and the starting salary for each of the new hires, and their start dates. Source didn’t receive that information until tonight after the media release on the hirings was issued to all media.

According to the job descriptions, the positions each pay between $71,377 – $92,333. The positions were posted on the City’s website the last week in December.

There were a total of nine applicants for the senior advisor for external affairs position, said City of Framingham Public Information Officer Nichol Figueiredo.

Van Zandt started on January 22, with a “starting rate of $41.22 or $80,382.12,” said Figueiredo.

There were a total of 5 applicants for the senior policy advisor position, said Figueiredo.

Ullman is expected to start on or after February 1, and only will work part-time, according to the City’s spokesperson.

She will have “an hourly rate of $42.05 for approximately 30 hours per week or $65,591.60,” said Figueiredo.

According to a press release “Van Zandt has been a respected voice at the table to aid in making significant decisions that impact the landscape of politics. Prior to coming onboard in Framingham, Ms. Van Zandt was Director of Constituent Services and Community Engagement with State Treasurer and Receiver General Deborah B. Goldberg. In her role, and as a key figure in the executive staff to Treasurer Goldberg, she utilized her relationships across the commonwealth to navigate resources for constituents and was a close advisor to the Treasurer.

The position of “Senior Advisor for External Relations provides an essential service in the furtherance of government cooperation on the local, state and federal level. This role is most important in opportunities to build and cultivate relationships between the city and other elected officials. To do so, this role working in conjunction with city officials will be able to take advantage of the relationships the city has developed, capitalize on the existing infrastructures and relationships within City Hall, and to build partnerships at all levels of government,” according to a media release issued by City of Framingham Public Information Officer Nichol Figueiredo tonight.

“Ullman has a master’s degree in Government from Harvard University (Extension School) with a background in immigration policy. Ms. Ullman has served the City of Framingham as a Town Meeting Member, Member of the Standing Committee on Ways and Means, Standing Committee on Education and a Member of the Community Development and Fair Housing Committee; and has a keen interest in economic development and revitalization,” according to the media release.

Ullman was a Precinct 10 Town Meeting member in Framingham, since April 2016. She received her seat via a caucus of  Town Meeting members. She was elected by five votes. She was a member of the standing committees since mid-2016. She was appointed to the Community Development and Fair Housing Committee in August 2017, according to the city’s website.

Ullman contributed $1,000 to the Spicer for Mayor campaign, according to state campaign finance records. She was listed as a “homemaker.” Her husband also contributed $1,000 to the campaign this summer.

The position of “Senior Policy Advisor plays a crucial role in coordination with local community leaders to access resources from the Mayor’s office. Tasked with the branding of Framingham as a first class city, the Senior Policy Advisor, through facilitating policy discussions and dedicated outreach help to further the agenda of the Mayor and her vision to make Framingham a more inclusive and business friendly environment,” according to a press release.

“I am looking forward to working with both Ms. Van Zandt and Ms. Ullman in building bridges and relationships  with our local, state and federal partners,” said Spicer, in the press release.


Petroni Media Company photo taken in 2017 during the mayoral campaign

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