LETTER: Framingham Teachers Association Unhappy With Proposed Health Insurance Changes

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Teachers Association, along with thousands of other City of Framingham municipal employees, received notice on Friday of proposed changes to their health insurance plans.

FTA members are shocked to hear of these sudden changes.

We view this as a direct assault to our hard working families.

This is causing anxiety among FTA members and retirees as they must determine whether the doctors and hospitals they currently use will still be available in plans that they can afford.

Expecting members to change providers as well as doctors is extremely unfair and presumptuous on the GIC’s part. This cost cutting shift onto the public
sector employees and retirees is unreasonable, unfair and unconscionable.

A decision that affects 430,000 active & retired public-sector employees and their families deserves far more public input than this administration is allowing.

The GIC is no longer receiving testimony via email and the scheduled meetings on this critical issue are during the work day, making speaking out in person for most municipal employees impossible. Even the GIC commissioners and state legislators have not been given adequate time to assess these changes before being asked to approve and accept them.

This is not the first time that municipal employees have been blind sighted by last minute changes to their insurance.

With no input from working families affected by this decision, the GIC voted to take away three Massachusetts health insurance carriers available to active & retired public-sector employees and replace them with one Indiana-based company.

FTA leadership will be attending one of the GIC hearings this week along with members of the FPS Human Resources department.

FTA will join hundreds of other MTA members at a rally early next week organized by MTA to raise our collective voices in opposition to these unfair, undemocratic and unbelievable changes to health care offered to active & retired public-sector employees throughout the Commonwealth.

Framingham Teachers Association

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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