Student Used Racial Slur Against Elementary Student on Framingham Bus

FRAMINGHAM – Last week, a student called another student the N-word on an afternoon bus ride from a Framingham elementary school.

Framingham Public Schools issued a memo to parents tonight, January 20, to let them know that the Stapleton first grader addressed another student with a racial slur.

“As you are aware, Stapleton is an inclusive community in which we celebrate our differences and hold true to our core values:Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Ready! In accordance with district and school policy, this recent event was not tolerated. As soon we were made aware of the situation, a full and thorough investigation was completed. Administration then met with both sets of parents as well as our School Resource Officer to address the incident. Consequences were administered, and supports were put in place for the target of this racial slur. We will continue to work as a school community to revisit, highlight and teach students the importance of tolerance, compassion and kindness towards others,” wrote the district to parents.

“We ask that you revisit these core values with your student(s) at home as well. This coming week we will partake in the national “Kindness Challenge”. Our participation in this event will provide us with an additional opportunity to revisit the important values listed above to ensure that students understand the power of their words and actions. We look forward to partnering with you to make sure that Stapleton is a community that values all of our stakeholders and that our core values are consistently upheld,” wrote the district.

Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni

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