Mayor Advertises For City of Framingham Traffic Commission Members

FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham is advertising for four residents to serve a 3-year term on the newly-created Framingham Traffic Commission.

The Commissioner replaced the former Town of Framingham Roadway and Traffic Safety Committee.

The Mayor would appoint the four members to the Commission. City Council can vote to reject members by a majority vote.

The City of Framingham Charter created the Framingham Traffic Commission.

The Commission “shall have exclusive authority, except as otherwise provided by this charter, to adopt, amend, alter, and repeal rules and regulations, not in consistent with the general laws, relative to vehicular traffic in the municipality, and to the movement, stopping or standing of vehicles on, and their exclusion from, all or any streets, ways, highways, roads and parkways under the control of the municipality, including rules and regulations, designating any way or part thereof under said control as a through way under and subject to the provisions of General Laws chapter 89, section 9, designation of ‘traffic safety zones,’ so called, approving curb cuts, and may prescribe penalties for violation of any rule or regulation adopted hereunder. Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the commission to adopt any rule or regulation to modify or limit any power or authority of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority from any way or part thereof in which it has a route, the state department of transportation or the state department of telecommunications and energy, or their successor agencies, or any power vested in the Mayor, Council or heads of departments relating to the issuance of licenses or permits for the opening, using or occupying of streets and sidewalks.”

According to the City of Framingham Charter “all rules and regulations promulgated by authorized vote of the traffic and parking commission, except temporary or emergency rules and regulations promulgated for less than 30 days, shall become effective on the 30th day following the day on which notice of proposed rule or regulation is filed with the council, unless the council shall within such period by majority of the full Council vote to reject such rule or regulation or has sooner voted to affirm it.”

The Commission is comprised of the Framingham Police Chief, the Framingham Fire Chief, the Framingham Director of Public Works, the Framingham Superintendent of Schools and four residents.

The chiefs, the DPW Director and the Superntedent can identify a designee to serve on the Commission in their place.

The four residents have defined roles – “one from the business community, one from the downtown area (defined as the area within a one-mile radius of
the intersection of Routes 126 and 135), and two residents at-large.

The Commission once established must meet at least 4 times a year. The Mayor will appoint the chair and vice chair of the Commission.

“Upon passage of any rule or regulation by the traffic and parking commission, said rule or regulation shall be published in at least one local newspaper, and shall be posted on the municipal bulletin board, according to the Charter.

The Charter allows for 10 residents of the City of Framingham, ages 18 or older, to petition the Traffic Commission “relating to any rule or regulation adopted or proposed to be adopted, provided the rule or regulation has not been in effect for a period longer than  90 days.”

The Commission “shall hold a public hearing thereon within 30 days after the filing with the  Traffic Commssion” of such petition.

To apply for the Traffic Commision, click here.

Like the process used for the Framingham Licensing Commissioner, applicants are being asked to apply via the City of Framingham Human Resource department. If interested in the volunteer position, applicants must apply like there were applying for a job with the City of Framingham.

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